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Removal of Impacted wisdom teeth January 15, 2013

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For a long time, maybe 5 years or so I have been having this recurring feeling that my wisdom teeth were growing then it would feel rather painful a bit then subside.  This continued for some time but no teeth broke through the gum. In 2010 my sister went in for an operation and when I asked what was wrong with her teeth she explained the situation I had been experiencing then I started my own investigation into the matter. So our wisdom teeth were impacted (growing skew) and fully grown underneath the gums. It is soooo painful. Anyway, so yesterday, 14th January I went in for my surgery to have all 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed.  What a painful thing to go through. I will post some videos to show you the process. Today I am feeling such pain as though my whole face is dislocated and my lower lip about to fall off. The Dr says my teeth were a bit of a challenge as they were too deeply embedded into the gum and tough so as a result I have stitches all over my sides. I am still on a liquid / soft food diet because I cant chew just yet. It is painful but I am grateful they are out. Image


2 Responses to “Removal of Impacted wisdom teeth”

  1. musa cindi Says:

    I cannot believe you put this picture here!!!!! Wow!

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