The Cobra (Deon Meyer)

  So this was my first Deon Meyer book. I loved this book for many reasons. One, it is well written. Two, it is by a South African author. Three, having worked for the South African Police Services, it delivered on the inside day to day realities. Four, it is set in one of my… Continue reading The Cobra (Deon Meyer)

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Lover of my soul…

One thing I love about pursuing God is that we already know His response. A guy can pursue a girl for a long time with no assurance of what she’ll say. She may say 'yes' and then off they go towards the sunset of romantic bliss. Or she may say 'no' and crush a guy’s… Continue reading Lover of my soul…


Not a penny more, Not a penny less (Jeffrey Archer)

I almost gave up on this book a couple of pages in. The first couple of pages are heavily technical with detailed explanations and comments on the stock market and economics. Although these are subjects I have an interest in, since I wanted to read for pleasure and to relax while on vacation, the book… Continue reading Not a penny more, Not a penny less (Jeffrey Archer)