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Product review (Dr Miracle’s Follicle Healer) January 25, 2015


So as a natural newbie, anything that contributes to keeping my hair ultra-moisturized and soft is a must. It is also no news that natural sisters like trying out different products so here’s what I tried during my last deep conditioning treatment.

I bought a small one-time pack of Dr Miracle’s Follicle Healer (Deep conditioning treatment) from Clicks and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I usually wash my hair every 2nd week if it is not in protective styling. I alternate shampoo wash and co-washing. So this time I co-washed because I had run out of shampoo and my hair was clean as I had washed it the day I big chopped. After washing, I applied the product on my short hair and it felt tingly from the get-go.

Ups 👍👍👍
– The product has good slip and is very easy to apply.
– It smells great – like menthol.
– It tingled the whole time I had it on so it made me believe it was working 😜. I suppose only time will tell if my follicles have been given a treat.
– My hair was left very soft. I could even feel the softness the following day.
– I will definitely use this product again. ❤️

Downs 👎👎👎
– My hair is short but the pack didn’t feel enough. People with longer hair might need 2 or more packs to cover their heads.

If any of you has tried it out, please share your comments with me. Also please share some of your go-to deep conditioning treatment with me.


LIRA – Making HERstory – A decade of achievement (Part 1) January 24, 2015

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I generally do a book review after having finished a book but I have to make an exception with this one. I absolutely love auto/biographies. I find people and their stories fascinating so I’m very drawn to such books to hear what inspires people, what makes them who they are, and what goes on in their minds.

Hearing ‘I’m a believer’ by Lira from a list of shuffling songs on my iPod today made me sit up and really listen to this lady. All of a sudden the song had new meaning because I knew how it had come about

Courtesy of a big sale at, I bought myself a copy of the LIRA – Making herstory, a decade of achievement book and from when it got delivered yesterday afternoon, I have struggled to put it down. For those who may not know who Lira is, here’s a short description.

Lira is a dazzling (read book to find out why I use ‘dazzling’), multi-award winning South African artist who seems to be grown way ahead of her years. She sings and performs with a great deal of talent, passion and energy which has captivated the hearts of many South Africans and internationals alike. ‘Lira’ is her stage name/nickname emanating from her name ‘Lerato’ which means ‘love’ in the Setswana / Sotho languages. Her list of achievements is quite long and after reading the book, like me, you’ll have newly found respect and admiration for her and her craft.

I was amazed by how much a hard worker she is. I think everyone in South Africa will tell you how busy Lira is. Hardly a week goes by without hearing of a concert that she’ll be singing at. The book is candid about her experiences into the music industry, her upbringing and how she goes about making things happen in her life and career. When people out there have a talent and believe that things will just fall on their laps, that people will discover them while they do very little on their part, Lira’s story will MAKE you WANT to get up and go chase after your dreams. This girl is a go-getter of note.

I am only half-way through the book but I am left speechless at how much one can go after a dream and live a life of purpose despite the challenges it brings. I dare everyone who’s got a dream to take time and read this book and learn how tenacious one has to be in achieving what they dream for themselves. So far, I’m left inspired, intrigued and mesmerised by the sheer volume / magnitude of person she is. I now know for sure that when we do work we are good at or love or things we believe we are born to do, we can be the best in our field and live a full life. The cliché ‘love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life,’ rings true.

She goes into how her songwriting sessions take place,  how she believes for things in her life, how she relates with family and how her upbringing has impacted her. I mean real honest and deep things that I am not sure I would share – quite candid. The book makes me feel like I know her a bit better and will hopefully understand her better. I know that for me, watching her perform or hearing her song on radio will never be the same again. She has my respect.

I just had to pause and mull over what I’ve read so far. I hope in pages to come I will hear about how she keeps her Afro in tip-top shape! 😜

To be continued… Read Part 2 here…



Oh no! I’ve really chopped it off!!! January 16, 2015

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I have been transitioning to natural hair for the past 6 months and though I had planned to transition for a year before the chop, I wasn’t happy with the way my hair was shedding and decided to chop the chemically treated part only 6 months into my plans. Due to the terrible shedding, I have had to chop off way more than I was supposed to but I am happy with the final result.

Perhaps some background. In November 2013 I decided to go all naturale but few weeks into it, I caved in due to insufficient information I had at the time of taking care of my hair. It was dry and I was clueless about what to do. So I caved in and instead of relaxing my hair, I decided to do a ‘blow out.’ I know this word brings a hairdryer to people’s minds but in South Africa, besides using a hair dryer, a blow out also means a process of chemically treating hair to make it ‘soft.’ It involves using exactly the same relaxer product but the chemical is only allowed on your hair a much shorter time than when relaxing the hair. The whole point to a blow is to just make the hair ‘softer’ without making it bone straight like a typical relaxer is used for. But the principles are basically the same. In 6-8 weeks the hair would need a retouch.

So I have decided again to go natural because my hair seems to grow stronger and richer without the chemicals. I am excited that I have decided to chop in the beginning of the year so I cannot wait to see how the hair looks like by the end of the year. So in 2015 though length retention would be great, my number one goal for 2015 is growing strong and healthy hair. With the recent shedding that I have been experiencing, I look forward to a time where I don’t see my so much hair literally falling into the bathtub with each gush of water  through the hair during shampooing.

In the past year I have been learning how to care for black natural hair and I will be sharing some of these with you as I go. Please do share your tips with me too 😜.



Can you see all my greys? Oh my!!! Riches and wisdom baby! 😜



This break will also give me some time to treat my hairline freely with my T444Z hairfood. The best product by far for the treatment of loss of hairline, thinning and many scalp / hair issues.