Nicknames: Boi, Tumi, Melo, Vero, #MosasasaClick giphy

A girl, a daughter to unbelievably sacrificial parents, a sister to amazing siblings, an aunty to two incredible nephews, a friend to irreplaceable individuals, a big dreamer, a language lover, globe-trotter, a pilot in the making, and a closet aspiring fiction writer! – A girl can dream, right? πŸ™‚

I love the Lord Jesus Christ and live my life with the hope that what I say and do truly honours Him. A genuine lover of people, and although I consider myself somewhat of an introvert, I love to hear people stories and make a difference all around me. Through this blog, I will pen down thoughts and experiences very close to my heart.

12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Ok the one thing that captured my attention is that you love our Father, i want to read more of your blog if possible and yes you are doing great….keep the good work up

  2. That’s my lil sister right there, a pilot in making, having the sky as the beginning and loving the Lord, Jesus Christ….all I can say is, you love things of higher places, making you a high flier…..
    Am waiting to be piloted by Col Rikhotso, do so crosswind landings and maybe hit a jackpot with a parachute jump…..

  3. Nice

    1. Good evening sir. Thank you for your reply. The little time I got to interact with him, I found him to be a true gentleman. It has been almost a year and his face and memory live on. Condolences to your family.

  4. That’s a beautiful rendition of what you are all about. I say beautiful because most people struggle with expressing what they are about thus it becomes very difficult for them to express who they are. I am going to be a regular visitor. Bless

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