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The Cliché ‘Do you boo’

I’ve been attending step and aerobics classes and finally got the message behind the 'Do you boo' cliché. I have now come full circle. #BackStory! In 1999 (20 years ago!) I was a first year Information Technology student at TNG (Technikon Northern Gauteng) in Soshanguve and I had to wait for my dad to pick… Continue reading The Cliché ‘Do you boo’

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Big Magic (Liz Gilbert) 

2016, Bloomsbury, Pages: 276 This book is fantastic!!! It has been quite a long time since I've since read a book, especially a self-help one at that which has affected me like this one has. Creativity is frustrating territory and Liz Gilbert has managed to tackle the subject with so much ease while hitting the… Continue reading Big Magic (Liz Gilbert) 

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I have a new name…

Upon a cross they hung a man who redefined who I am! I have worn the label 'divorcee' with so much regret, shame, guilt, condemnation, and humiliation. I use the word 'worn' because that's exactly what I feel I did. I woke up each morning and put on the label as one would wear a… Continue reading I have a new name…


Myth #2 – Tall and slim = fit and healthy

For the better part of my young school life I hated being tall. It was the ideal thing for nicknames. Giraffe was a favourite one. Having been skinny at the same time also didn't help matters as I'd be called names like skinny legs, mosquito, motsetserepa etc. For a long time I walked around with… Continue reading Myth #2 – Tall and slim = fit and healthy


MYTH #1 – I’m not a morning person 

Image source:  symbols-n-emoticons.com   I have just come back from a 3-months basic police training course and my,what a time I had. Apart from academics and musketry (firearm) training, I also needed to be competent in fitness in order to successfully complete the course. Now, I have a love and hate relationship with exercise. I… Continue reading MYTH #1 – I’m not a morning person 

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LIRA – Making HERstory – A decade of achievement (Part 1)

I generally do a book review after having finished a book but I have to make an exception with this one. I absolutely love auto/biographies. I find people and their stories fascinating so I'm very drawn to such books to hear what inspires people, what makes them who they are, and what goes on in… Continue reading LIRA – Making HERstory – A decade of achievement (Part 1)


R5 000 000??? What???

My heart is still palpitating uncontrollably thanks to last week's episode of Dragon's Den South Africa where one of the Dragons, Lebo Gunguluza parted with R5 000 000. Perhaps I should write it in full just in case I've missed a zero. He parted with five million rands ON HIS OWN!!! When all the dragons… Continue reading R5 000 000??? What???