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My first “no” to vetkoeks / amagwinya August 14, 2012

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So my bikini pursuit continues… I feel like I wasted 45 minutes at gym today. I mean those things they call aerobics nowadays are a waste of time, I promise I can lose more kilos walking. I mean its just silly, spinning, touching your hips, pseudo dancing moves; noooo. Didn’t enjoy it at all. I mean if I wanted to have a dance class I would have attended a Zumba session. Perhaps it was just today’s trainer. I will try someone’s else if no joy, I will keep to the circuit. it worked before, should work again.

So today the “no” test began as I was offered vetkoeks at work this morning. So for non-South Africans a vetkoek is Afrikaans for fat cake. Literally a ball of dough fried in oil. I have attached a pic. I know they look gross, but trust me, they taste better than they look 🙂 I only ever eat the brown skin anyway as I find the dough far too stiff and results in me missing the bathroom for a couple of days :).  So I am very proud that I said my first “no” and hopefully I keep it up, keep the gym thingie moving and soon, pursuit conquered.

Magwinya / Vetkoeks


In pursuit of a bikini August 11, 2012

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So I have never ever worn a bikini in my life. Sure I have worn a one piece suit but never a bikini. I have decided as part of my 1000 things to do before leaving planet earth I will wear a bikini before the next winter. I have no phobias for a bikini at all :). I love those little things. I just don’t have the body for it I always tell myself. my body retains water and I have problems with my digestion so no matter how hard I try I always kinda have a bump in my abs area. Anywho, though that’s the case, I have over time not taken proper care of my body and now have gained so much weight it is making my life difficult. Whether it being naked in front of my husband, buying clothes in a shop and having to fit in front of those 360′ mirrors, or the idea of fitting at all…It is all a bit painful right now as I have to fit into bigger sizes. I can fool myself into thinking clothes are made smaller these days what with the Chinese invasion on our shores, but that would be just that – fooling myself. I know the truth is I do eat even when I shouldn’t, even more so I eat a lot of what I shouldn’t eat because I lack self restraint. My washing machine has not shrunk my favourite skirt, I have just gained some extra kilo’s because I am not teaching my flesh to say ‘no’. I give it what it demands every time. I reckon being honest with myself and not lying to myself is half the battle won. So today, 11th August 2012 I take a trip in pursuit of a bikini. Before the next winter I will be in a bikini by the pool or beach. That is a promise. My flesh is about to be baptized with a new word ‘NO’ or perhaps ‘NOT today.’