Hair diaries, Product reviews

T444Z hair food So I am a very big skeptic when it comes to "miracle" hair products simply because I have used so many with little or no results at all. When my friend Lebo Mangcwatywa introduced me to this product, I gave another "whatever!" I have battled with a receded hairline for many many years. In… Continue reading T444Z hair food


I was born for this

Source of of image unknown A bird doesn't struggle to fly. A fish doesn't battle to swim. Why is that? Because they are doing what they were born to do. Have you ever met people who seem to be in their element? Whether it be acting, singing, baking, communicating, sports, economics, medicine and many other… Continue reading I was born for this


From debt to riches (Phumelele Ndumo)

2011,  Jacana Media, ISBN: 978-1-4314-0262-5 10 000 copies sold by August 2014  The subject of money is a daunting one but Phumelele Ndumo deals with complex monetary concepts in such a simple manner for all to grasp. From savings, property, investments,  credit, buying shares and practical tips on how to get out of debt, this… Continue reading From debt to riches (Phumelele Ndumo)


Bitches Brew (Fred Khumalo)

2006, Jacana Media, ISBN: 978-1-77009-190-0, Pages: 326  Joint winner of the European Union Literary Award 2005 This book was a little on the slow start for me. I read it over a couple of months because there were pages that were gripping and others I just skimmed over. There were many paragraphs I could have… Continue reading Bitches Brew (Fred Khumalo)