BookWorm, Fellowship with Christ

May 2020 Read

This is the second time I am reading this book having first read it in the year 2000. Just like last time, this book continues to rock my world. Again, it has reminded me that there is the more in God that many of us hardly experience. This is a move from knowing about to… Continue reading May 2020 Read


April 2020 Read

The Atonement Child (Francine Rivers) Those who know Francine Rivers know that she doesn’t disappoint. Dynah is the main character in this book. She’s a young high performing student at a Christian university. She’s still a virgin (there’s a reason to this emphasis), engaged to the university’s most eligible bachelor, and excited about her upcoming… Continue reading April 2020 Read

BookWorm, Fellowship with Christ

March 2020 Read

The Pursuit of God (A.W. Tozer)   In recent times, my life’s cry and focus has been to seek after God and his presence above all else. You know how mystic and somewhat unattainable the topic of God’s presence can easily be, so this book was an easy draw given the season I am in. … Continue reading March 2020 Read


January 2020 Read

The Heart of Memory (Alison Strobel)   I read this book in under 24 hours. This is the second Alison Strobel novel I’ve read, the first being ‘The weight of shadows.’ In short, the book is about the lives of a couple running a Christian ministry and serving others while their private lives are not… Continue reading January 2020 Read

BookWorm, Travel


  15kg lighter, 7 new countries, 12 books read, 30+ books given away, half-way through my debt-freedom journey, and I dropped out of University – 2019 was a year to remember. Thank you Lord. #GratefulHeart   15 kg lighter  It is a secret no more that this year in May I have adopted the Banting/Keto… Continue reading 2019: THE YEAR THAT WAS…


Colour me yellow (Thuli Nhlapo)

  Sho! It is shocking, it is real, it is painful and it is brutally honest. I guess when one comes from a family with a loving mother and father one can’t really relate to struggles faced by others in their journey towards identity. I am very proud of and equally shocked by how raw… Continue reading Colour me yellow (Thuli Nhlapo)


The Cobra (Deon Meyer)

  So this was my first Deon Meyer book. I loved this book for many reasons. One, it is well written. Two, it is by a South African author. Three, having worked for the South African Police Services, it delivered on the inside day to day realities. Four, it is set in one of my… Continue reading The Cobra (Deon Meyer)


Not a penny more, Not a penny less (Jeffrey Archer)

I almost gave up on this book a couple of pages in. The first couple of pages are heavily technical with detailed explanations and comments on the stock market and economics. Although these are subjects I have an interest in, since I wanted to read for pleasure and to relax while on vacation, the book… Continue reading Not a penny more, Not a penny less (Jeffrey Archer)


How to make your first million (Warren Ingram)

For a book that’s not a novel, this book was a pleasant surprise to read. It was not boring at all, I read it in two days. Warren was very successful in making difficult concepts easy to understand and I now get why the book is so repetitive. If you are hearing concepts for the… Continue reading How to make your first million (Warren Ingram)