BookWorm, Fellowship with Christ

May 2020 Read

The God chasers

This is the second time I am reading this book having first read it in the year 2000. Just like last time, this book continues to rock my world. Again, it has reminded me that there is the more in God that many of us hardly experience. This is a move from knowing about to knowing Him, not just doing for, but being with Him. When the month of May rolled on, I decided to pause a number of hobbies and activities so that I can declutter my busy days and focus on three key areas I wanted priority on. Prime of those three was creating spaces in my day for more time with Him and it has made the kind of difference that life as I had led it before is no more attractive. Removing destructions and turning my attention to Him has restored my first love and I have a new burning desire for Him and what makes His heart beat – people. May He help me to keep the fire burning, not out of discipline, but out of love.

When one is in a romantic relationship, one requires no discipline in wanting to be with their loved one. Their love for them spurs them on. You want to be with that person even if there is no agenda. Just being in their midst fills your cup. Never did I ever think I could go into my secret place, say nothing, just be content in sitting with Him (weird as it sometimes may look), in solitude, my soul focused on the One who holds my heart so tenderly and leave the room filling full. Perhaps the reason this used to feel like a chore (like an activity to tick off the list to prove you are a serious christian) is that the focus was always me-centric. Finding the right words, the right activity, the right music etc., instead of thinking of it as a romantic relationship between a bride and groom. But once you experience the sweet presence of the Holy One on a constant basis, looking to be with Him and not always to get from Him, nothing else will be more desirable. Of course sometimes I fall asleep while I am there but so what? As Bill Johnson likes to say, which father would be upset if her baby girl fell asleep on his lap?

I am aware I have said nothing about the book. Well, the above sentiments sum it up. God has more for each of us and He invites us to linger with Him. You are as close to Him as YOU want to be. Read the book.


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