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Faith without actions is dead June 18, 2014

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Trusting God for the impossible is starting to make sense now. It has been slow, one at a time kind of process but my! Am I seeing the fruits of that practice – believing God and trusting in His promises. This might be quite a long blog compared to the short ones I usually do, but please do indulge me.

Last year January (2013), I had a list of things I was trusting God for.
1) A holiday to the USA
2) Property
3) Debt freedom
It seemed impossible given that I had just gone through a divorce, my finances were VERY shaky and my future was pretty much uncertain. Nevertheless I trusted that if God was who He said He was, then I would see the fruits of faith.

Step by step opportunities came and on the 3rd July 2013 I boarded a flight to New York with a friend of mine, Jacky Boshomane. After this trip, I told myself I would never doubt God again in the way that He had provided for the trip – story for another day, but how easily we forget.

I had been trying to buy property for a while but had many issues making the process impossible. First, since I had a failed business venture, I had business loans that I couldn’t service and two of them had listed me as a slow payer. It was a lot of money needed and I didn’t have any. My meager monthly repayments were making no dent on top of the mountain of interest I was swimming in. I made a decision to get and stay out of debt because I was tired of living a life of barely enough.

I wouldn’t eat out, each extra cent I had would go into the debts and sowing seed. I couldn’t buy new clothes as I had wished and I shaved my head so I wouldn’t spend money at the salon. The decisions were quite drastic but they would all add up in the end.

To cut a long story short, money started coming from all sorts of different places and by God’s grace I managed to pay off 2 of the 3 loans I owed by end of 2013. I then saw a flat I loved in an area I really loved. An area each time I would drive past along Irene on the R21, I would declare that I would one day stay there. I put in an offer on the 20th December 2013 and waited for the seller to approve.

When he finally approved my offer, I faced new hurdles that I hadn’t told the agent about because I knew I wouldn’t have been entertained otherwise. I had recently started a new job after having been home for about 3 months. This meant I didn’t have a pay slip and a consistent income-Creditors don’t like that so much. Due to not having work longer than I had anticipated, some of my debits had bounced. Though I corrected this almost a day later each time it happened, they still put an ugly dent on my credit record. To top it all off, I still had issues appearing on my credit bureau status!

Needless to say, all financial institutions declined my bond application. I had about 7 days left to get a bond otherwise I would lose the property to someone else. Each day since signing the offer I would drive past the complex, stretch my hand towards it and declare that I would stay there and that God would make a way. It was kind of silly if you ask me but I took the whole faith-without-actions-is-dead business seriously. So even after all the institutions had declined me, I still believed God would make a way.

After a night of thinking and praying, I woke up with an idea to write a letter to one of the financial institutions and explain how I ended up in the financial mess I was in and the steps I had taken to correct my decisions. The financial adviser wished me luck and we sent the letter off. Each day I continued to drive past the complex declaring God’s provision over the situation.

A day before my lapse date, the bank approved my bond and I was speechless. Again I promised God I would never doubt Him again. Over and over God shows Himself faithful towards us. So at the end of 2013, I had gone to the USA, had a property I was in the process of buying and I was 80% debt free. What will you trust God for? Will you take the limits off Him and just trust Him for even bigger things. He’s willing to show you things you’ve never heard of or seen. Dare to trust Him.


5 Responses to “Faith without actions is dead”

  1. Very Interesting dear. He sure is faithful. Get yourself a coach & submit under counsel – you will never go wrong. We learn that experience is not the best teacher. I’m glad that everything you have experienced Drew you closer to God. There is a Proverb I love : Proverbs 9:9 NLT
    [9] Instruct the wise, and they will be even wiser. Teach the righteous, and they will learn even more.
    Be teachable, learn others learn from you. Be wiser, all this led to sharing with us. To God be the glory. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Evelyn Says:

    can only be God who lead me to read this awsome testimony. Am trusting God for finances to buy a centre to run a Confidence Academy. last week I so much wanted to contact you but one thing or the other kept me busy. I thank God for what He is doing in your life. Am so encouraged to keep believing!!!

    • Gelo Zwane Says:

      Tumi you are an inspiration, you are a living testimony. After everything that you have been through but remained strong and trusted God for a breakthrough. God bless Sisi, everything work together for good to them that love God.

  3. Thank you for your kind words. Our God is indeed a God of more than enough! @Pastor Mogale – Well noted mam, I will take heed and be open to learning even more. @ Pastor Fosu-Amoah – I have missed you so much. I know that with our God, provision always precedes problem so the Confidence Academy is already taken care of. Our God is not a resource but a source and will do just what He does best. Standing with you in agreement. @SisPetu – What a lovely surprise. You know where all this started many moons ago. I am glad you have seen it all with me. Much love!

  4. Kgothatso Maduse-Bam Says:

    What a piece, inspiring indeed. I always believed that God works in mysterious ways. We tend to be so impatient with his timing only if we believe and leave him to grant us with our heart’s desires. God bless you love youre trully a blessing

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