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This might be the end of my bad hair days…I hope :) April 11, 2017

My natural hair journey has been nothing short of dramatic. Often I watched different girls proudly showing off their crowns and wondered how in the world they got it right because I seemed to be on a collision course with my tresses. In the midst of an influx of YouTube videos, blogs, Facebook posts and magazine articles about natural hair tips, my own hair still eluded me. I had bought and tried so many different hair products, drank hair tablets, experimented with various moisturizing methods; LOC, LCO, OLOC and whatever else but no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t find my hair’s sweet spot. My hair was just dry full stop.

So in May 2016 when stress and bad henna treatments resulted in all my hair going down the drain, literally, I decided it was time for a hair detox. I was going to keep my hair short, brush cut for about a year, give away my cupboard-full of hair products, and only use what was left over. I then vowed not to spend another dime on a new product whether locally bought or imported. I was done with all the ‘miracle’ products craze. Gosh! There’s nothing natural about the prices of some of these products. Yo, hectic! There was one product though I was going to keep using especially for my hairline, the T444Z as I had seen great results from it.

Fast forward to April 2017, the detox has paid off. I have really enjoyed not worrying about length or what to do with my hair. Short hair is such bliss though. But, I’ve decided to give long hair another try. As I was only using what was left over from last year’s detox, I found the combination of these two products to be quite the thing which happened quite by accident. My hair loooooves these and for the first time, I know what moisturized natural hair actually feels like. Wow to the max!

Elvive Total Repair (5) Leave-in Conditioner
Much has been said about how natural haired people shouldn’t use products made for non-afro rocking folks. As for me and my afro, aka “Lush,” we love this leave-in. It is milky in consistency and sprays on with ease. I bought it in 2016 at Clicks or Foschini for about R70.

Aunt Jackie’s Curl la la Defining Curl Custard
This product is amazing. I love the smell and what it does for my hair. Absolutely fabulous dot com! I know it’s for curl definition but I use it as a moisturizer and I am happy. The custard has a smooth, wobbly, medium custard-like consistency and spreads very easily. I about R2 size amount since my hair is still short. I bought this product in 2016 at Clicks for about R60.


Finally! Let’s hope the combo works even on longer hair as I begin the journey of growing my hair again.

After washing my hair, I allow it to dry a little bit to just damp. Then I spray a bit of the leave-in, rub it into the scalp and hair, then follow with custard. Each morning I spray the leave-in and then follow up custard – easy peasy!

Those who haven’t found what their hair loves yet, don’t despair. Sometimes all it takes is a mix up of the products you currently have.


Help!!! I’m about to relax my hair!  August 31, 2015

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 Don’t mind the hairline – braids never loved me 😋

So I recently had an ‘I’ve had it’ with natural hair episode and was headed for the salon for a relaxer – I was that tired! Gosh I’ve been natural for only 7 months but this is quite some discipline. My hair is sooooo dry, and for two days after a wash, I can’t show up in the world due to the hair being in such a shrunken state, so dry and flat. So I generally prefer washing my hair on a Friday night if I don’t plan on going anywhere on Saturday and maybe wear a doek on Sunday.
So this time I washed it on a Sunday afternoon and on Monday morning it was dry, steel-wooly, frizzy and somewhat knotted. I must say a relaxer was really quite literally on the cards.Thank God for a friend of mine Ntombi Dina who was patient enough to listen to my complaints and offer her ways of dealing with her dry hair and other tips so a relaxer has been averted – for now.

In the last 2 weeks I have stopped and chatted to every single natural girl I met just to hear what they do to care for their hair and what tips they had. I spoke to about 8 girls and here is what I found out from my little experiment…

1) Everyone is different. Just because a certain product / method works for someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for me. Some girls have a rigorous method with many products while others were a case of sunlight bar soap and a Special Feeling Hair spray.

2) Trying out products in the beginning to find what works for you is ok. Many of the girls tried out different products now and then but had staples they resorted to each time.

3) Most natural girls have had their own days of giving up and wanting to reach for that relaxer so I wasn’t lonesome in this seemingly daunting journey. So when I get those days, I’ll know to reach out to one of my fellow naturalistas 😋.

4) I also learnt that I should embrace my hair and instead of finding everything wrong with it, I should find ways of loving and making it work. There’s nothing wrong with my hair in its natural state. That’s how I was made after all so the emphasis should be on finding what it loves and how to care for it rather than it being on its letdowns.

5) Lastly, I decided to get a weave – my choice of protective style. Whenever I wear a weave, I find that my specific hair is much healthier when I take it off and that my hairline benefits from the non-pulling period. As opposed to braids that affects my hairline pretty badly.

I have made a decision to stick with my natural hair for at least a year and then reevaluate. If I decide to get a relaxer at the end of the year, well… That wouldn’t be the end of the world would it? But I probably won’t.


Update to last product review (Palmer’s coconut oil formula, deep conditioning protein pack) April 9, 2015

Update to last product review (Palmer’s coconut oil formula, deep conditioning protein pack) 


2 weeks ago I used the Palmer’s Coconut oil formula, Deep conditioning protein pack and commented on how soft it made my hair.  This is a quick update on that review. Click here to read what I had said previously. One of the ways I determine whether a I like a deep-conditioning product or not is how my hair feels the next day. I hereby wish to revoke all the good things I said about this product.

When I woke up the following morning, my hair was soooooo dry. So dry I couldn’t even believe it. When I do a deep conditioning treatment, I follow it up with the LOC method. For those not familiar with the LOC method, it basically stands for Liquid, Oil and Conditioner (moisturiser). I at times do it the LCO way, where I swap the conditioner and the oil around. Anyway, I digress. The next morning my hair was flat, thin and very dehydrated. It looked so dull, fine and as though it had been stripped of all the oils in it.

So in a nutshell, I will most definitely not use this product again. After washing my hair, it was immediately soft, but a few hours later, my hair became a desert. Could it perhaps be the amount of perfume in the product? You would remember just how much I raved about how divine it smelt. Oh well, as they say, you win some and lose some. This one is definitely a thumbs down for me. thumb-down-smiley


Product review (Palmer’s Coconut oil formula, deep conditioning protein pack) March 28, 2015

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 imageLike many black girls who have fallen totally in love with their hair, product sampling just forms part of this hair-love affair. When I’m at Clicks or Dischem, I’m always looking out for these sample packs so that I try out what’s new or try new things that my hair could be missing.
This product was lovely to use. It was thick and creamy and smelt Devine, like I love most of my treatment products. My hair is still short so the little pack was enough to easily and thoroughly cover the entire head. The hair felt really lathered with the stuff.
Did I mention that the smell was amazing? If I haven’t let me say it. The pack is a little doze of coconut awesomeness. After washing it off, here’s the verdict;
—Hair didn’t necessarily ‘feel’ soft so the touch but was surprisingly moisturized. When I combed through the hair, the comb went in and out with ease. So I guess it did its duty. I’ll have to check tomorrow how my hair feels then I will let you know. But overall, I loved the product.

I have unfortunately changed my mind about the above review. Check the follow-up review and let me know how you found the product if you have ever used it. My thumbs up for this product has changed to a thumbs down :(. Pity – I loved how it smelt. 


Product review (Dr Miracle’s Follicle Healer) January 25, 2015


So as a natural newbie, anything that contributes to keeping my hair ultra-moisturized and soft is a must. It is also no news that natural sisters like trying out different products so here’s what I tried during my last deep conditioning treatment.

I bought a small one-time pack of Dr Miracle’s Follicle Healer (Deep conditioning treatment) from Clicks and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I usually wash my hair every 2nd week if it is not in protective styling. I alternate shampoo wash and co-washing. So this time I co-washed because I had run out of shampoo and my hair was clean as I had washed it the day I big chopped. After washing, I applied the product on my short hair and it felt tingly from the get-go.

Ups 👍👍👍
– The product has good slip and is very easy to apply.
– It smells great – like menthol.
– It tingled the whole time I had it on so it made me believe it was working 😜. I suppose only time will tell if my follicles have been given a treat.
– My hair was left very soft. I could even feel the softness the following day.
– I will definitely use this product again. ❤️

Downs 👎👎👎
– My hair is short but the pack didn’t feel enough. People with longer hair might need 2 or more packs to cover their heads.

If any of you has tried it out, please share your comments with me. Also please share some of your go-to deep conditioning treatment with me.


Oh no! I’ve really chopped it off!!! January 16, 2015

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I have been transitioning to natural hair for the past 6 months and though I had planned to transition for a year before the chop, I wasn’t happy with the way my hair was shedding and decided to chop the chemically treated part only 6 months into my plans. Due to the terrible shedding, I have had to chop off way more than I was supposed to but I am happy with the final result.

Perhaps some background. In November 2013 I decided to go all naturale but few weeks into it, I caved in due to insufficient information I had at the time of taking care of my hair. It was dry and I was clueless about what to do. So I caved in and instead of relaxing my hair, I decided to do a ‘blow out.’ I know this word brings a hairdryer to people’s minds but in South Africa, besides using a hair dryer, a blow out also means a process of chemically treating hair to make it ‘soft.’ It involves using exactly the same relaxer product but the chemical is only allowed on your hair a much shorter time than when relaxing the hair. The whole point to a blow is to just make the hair ‘softer’ without making it bone straight like a typical relaxer is used for. But the principles are basically the same. In 6-8 weeks the hair would need a retouch.

So I have decided again to go natural because my hair seems to grow stronger and richer without the chemicals. I am excited that I have decided to chop in the beginning of the year so I cannot wait to see how the hair looks like by the end of the year. So in 2015 though length retention would be great, my number one goal for 2015 is growing strong and healthy hair. With the recent shedding that I have been experiencing, I look forward to a time where I don’t see my so much hair literally falling into the bathtub with each gush of water  through the hair during shampooing.

In the past year I have been learning how to care for black natural hair and I will be sharing some of these with you as I go. Please do share your tips with me too 😜.



Can you see all my greys? Oh my!!! Riches and wisdom baby! 😜



This break will also give me some time to treat my hairline freely with my T444Z hairfood. The best product by far for the treatment of loss of hairline, thinning and many scalp / hair issues.


Product review (Sofn’Free – Hair Mayonnaise) December 21, 2014

Everyone who has natural hair or who is transitioning to natural knows the difficulty of finding products that work for your individual hair. The first challenge is knowing where to start and then the second becomes finding the right products while maintenance is quite another topic for another day. In my own quest for the right products, I have tried a couple that were good and some that were misses.

When my hair is not in plaits or any type of protective styling, I wash it every 2 weeks and deep condition. My product of choice for deep conditioning is the Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise. I used this product even when I still kept relaxed hair and I love it. This weekend though I visited my parents and had run out of my usual product so the local store didn’t have it and rather had a product I had never seen or heard of. This is the Sofn’ Free Hair Mayonnaise. Since it was 3 times cheaper than my usual one, I decided to give it a try.


The first thing I noticed about this hair mayo was that it was quite thick and that while I was applying it to the hair, it seemed to get absorbed into the hair instead of just sitting on the hair. I ended up using a lot of it because I wanted to adequately cover all the hair. 45 minutes later I washed it off and my hair felt amazingly soft; not dry and steel-wooly. I absolutely loved this product and will most definitely use it again. But my mom took mine so it means I must got buy another one. Huh! I most definitely recommend this product to everyone.