12 Things to do in Grenada

  Well, to be fair, the list is about what to do more on the south and around St George, Grenada’s capital. This small Caribbean country of just over 100 000 people is a gem. This spice island located to the South East of the Caribbean Sea was home for 6 days and I loved… Continue reading 12 Things to do in Grenada


Colour me yellow (Thuli Nhlapo)

  Sho! It is shocking, it is real, it is painful and it is brutally honest. I guess when one comes from a family with a loving mother and father one can’t really relate to struggles faced by others in their journey towards identity. I am very proud of and equally shocked by how raw… Continue reading Colour me yellow (Thuli Nhlapo)


My first snorkeling experience

Ok, suffices to say black people and water are generally not friends. By water I mean large bodies of water like swimming pools, the sea, lakes etc... I don’t know whether it’s because we grew up in areas where there were no swimming pools, or whether it was because we historically didn’t have showers and… Continue reading My first snorkeling experience