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Being the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) “Go-To” on divorce March 8, 2016

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breaking heart picI sometimes hate the fact that I seem to have become a FAQ Go-to when it comes to the matter of divorce because I hate seeing marriages end. On the other hand, I am grateful that this experience allows me to speak into so many people’s lives where I can share my experiences and how they can avoid the same. I also enjoy being open and honest with single ladies about their choices as it relates to dating and courtship. People don’t realize just how much impact a life partner has on their lives so I urge you to choose well. Someone said it best when he said; marriage will result in ‘days of heaven or hell on earth’ depending on how you choose.  Choosing ‘well’ does not in itself guarantee that you will not go through a divorce, but I concur with the notion ‘the fewer the potholes, the smoother the ride.’ You may or may not agree but I am sure we can agree on this one point, that there are after all no guarantees in life apart from Jesus’ unrelenting love for us. So being no expert in the matter by any stretch of the imagination, I choose to embrace my new title of Divorce FAQ Go-to. Hopefully we can learn from each other and save many marriages from the scourge of divorce and also prevent single people from getting into unions they shouldn’t be getting into. After all, iron sharpens iron.