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Gentlemanly or old fashioned? July 29, 2015

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Some say it is gentleman-like and others say it is old fashioned but something interesting happened to me the other day. A guy opened the car door for me. I’m sure some of you read that sentence and wondered where the interesting part was. But for me who has never had a guy open a door for me before, quite an experience it was. So he did it 3 times in the course of our journey. At some point I laughed out  loud because it was awkward and I wasn’t sure how to react. Since it was a first for me, it felt special but also very weird. Is opening of doors for ladies still a phenomenon? Like a gentleman thing to do? Like is this #OpsNormal in other circles?

I mean I don’t know if I could get used to a guy opening a door for me. Don’t get me wrong, it was very refreshing, but is it sustainable? If we are outside and going towards the car, then, maybe, I get it. But when we are both in the car, and he comes out of his side to come open my side, isn’t it like strange? So what do I do in the mean time? Fiddle with my handbag and pretend to be looking for something (which is what I did), or do I stay put, look at him as he strolls towards my side and wait until he opens the door? I mean what is the correct protocol here? #NoviceSpeak