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Being present in the moment December 30, 2011

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I turned 30 on 8th December 2011 and unlike any of the birthdays I have ever had, it was the most quiet and kind of boring.  I look back at my life and the childhood dreams I had for myself and most of them are not yet fully achieved.  I could choose to be depressed and mourn the years that I feel have gone by or I could see this as an opportune gift for me to still look forward to what lies ahead and appreciate what I have achieved so far. So many of us go away on holidays and take our laptops and even work, we attend functions half-halfheartedly while chatting away on our cellphones, we exist in marriages with only one leg in.  How much this robs us of the joy one can experience in the moment.

Not all things will always turn out as planned – that’s a simple definition of life. We can choose to wallow in self-pity or choose to be present in the moment.  Switching off a cellphone or a laptop for a few hours or even a few days is unthinkable for others. Our minds are always so scattered that we half-do all we are involved in.  While that bride walks down the aisle thinking about whether or not the food will be enough, a moment passes, an opportunity to live even if it be just for a minute passes by without notice.

If anything, turning 30, boring as the day may have been has opened up my eyes into learning how to live and be present in the moment. To listen intently and not only in preparation of a response. To live as though it is my last day and to laugh as though all is well.  I choose today to be present in the moment lest I miss a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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