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My first “no” to vetkoeks / amagwinya August 14, 2012

Filed under: In pursuit of a bikini — Boitumelo Vero Rikhotso @ 6:37 pm

So my bikini pursuit continues… I feel like I wasted 45 minutes at gym today. I mean those things they call aerobics nowadays are a waste of time, I promise I can lose more kilos walking. I mean its just silly, spinning, touching your hips, pseudo dancing moves; noooo. Didn’t enjoy it at all. I mean if I wanted to have a dance class I would have attended a Zumba session. Perhaps it was just today’s trainer. I will try someone’s else if no joy, I will keep to the circuit. it worked before, should work again.

So today the “no” test began as I was offered vetkoeks at work this morning. So for non-South Africans a vetkoek is Afrikaans for fat cake. Literally a ball of dough fried in oil. I have attached a pic. I know they look gross, but trust me, they taste better than they look 🙂 I only ever eat the brown skin anyway as I find the dough far too stiff and results in me missing the bathroom for a couple of days :).  So I am very proud that I said my first “no” and hopefully I keep it up, keep the gym thingie moving and soon, pursuit conquered.

Magwinya / Vetkoeks


4 Responses to “My first “no” to vetkoeks / amagwinya”

  1. Lungi Says:

    I wonder how many calories each 1 has. Americans eat doughnuts, we eat Magwinya.
    Good luck on ure journey, you have will power n u sound mentally ready.

  2. I am Roni Says:

    Thanks Lungi. Now with other people as you watching me, it means I have witnesses 🙂 and people urging me on. Aluta!

  3. Anacletta Says:

    I really envy you cause my problem is procrastination & I end up giving up. Hang in there but also go back for aerobics maybe you’ll have a better trainer.

  4. Tati Says:

    You have to choose your taste of aerobic classes well. there’s quite an offering out there, also depending on intensity. I much like whatthey cal kick/kata box and some places call it just “kick”. yes you move all over the show but its nothing like dancing. the music is intense and fairly enjoyable. I could recommend a few very good high intense classes on JHB if you wish, try them out and see. good luck

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