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Product review (Sofn’Free – Hair Mayonnaise) December 21, 2014

Everyone who has natural hair or who is transitioning to natural knows the difficulty of finding products that work for your individual hair. The first challenge is knowing where to start and then the second becomes finding the right products while maintenance is quite another topic for another day. In my own quest for the right products, I have tried a couple that were good and some that were misses.

When my hair is not in plaits or any type of protective styling, I wash it every 2 weeks and deep condition. My product of choice for deep conditioning is the Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise. I used this product even when I still kept relaxed hair and I love it. This weekend though I visited my parents and had run out of my usual product so the local store didn’t have it and rather had a product I had never seen or heard of. This is the Sofn’ Free Hair Mayonnaise. Since it was 3 times cheaper than my usual one, I decided to give it a try.


The first thing I noticed about this hair mayo was that it was quite thick and that while I was applying it to the hair, it seemed to get absorbed into the hair instead of just sitting on the hair. I ended up using a lot of it because I wanted to adequately cover all the hair. 45 minutes later I washed it off and my hair felt amazingly soft; not dry and steel-wooly. I absolutely loved this product and will most definitely use it again. But my mom took mine so it means I must got buy another one. Huh! I most definitely recommend this product to everyone.


7 reasons to delay dating after divorce December 14, 2014


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Many a times when people have gone through a divorce they tend to quickly get back into the dating scene without taking a moment to heal and figure things out on their own first. I know the word ‘quickly’ is relative and that my and your quickly may have completely different meanings. We all have our own journeys but no matter what your ‘quickly’ means, do take the following into cognizance. I am no expert, just a girl who likes to think, a girl who enjoys listening to people’s stories and putting them down to paper and a girl who has walked the difficult path of divorce.

1) Allow time for healing
Going through a divorce is very much like having open heart surgery, and that is not an experience one heals from overnight. Some therapists suggest a generic rule of thumb that may not appeal to you, but they provide it as a guide to your healing threshold. It is suggested that for every 4 years you have been with a person…..

2) To avoid repeating same mistakes and serial dating
Because after the end of a relationship our emotions are practically all over the place, most people tend to go for similar people they have just broken off from. This could be because of a familiarity, a great want to be with someone or loneliness. Divorce statistics are on the high, even higher for 2nd and third marriages….

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At Risk (Patricia Cornwell)

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2006, Sphere,
ISBN: 978-0-7515-3871-7, Pages: 229

It has been a very long time since I’ve read a book in one day and this book was such a beautiful reminder of what I love in books; simply written, beautiful plot, suspense and just a don’t-put-down attraction to it. This book drew me in from the get go. But then again I love Patricia Cornwell’s books. I have read a couple of her books and this one didn’t keep the secret away for too long like in her usual work. I will preview some of her other books for you in the future. I could kind of figure some things out early on but not in a way to give the story away just yet or in a way that spoils it.

In At Risk, Cornwell tackles the behind the scenes of how dirty politics can get and just how much other sectors can be involved in the politics of politics, in this case the forensic world. An investigator, Winston Garano is called out of an Elite course by the ice queen, District Attorney, Monique Lamont who is running for Governor to see about a 2 decades old case that will help her gain popularity in her quest for the Governor seat. Of course some people are not happy about that plan and without her knowing, people she trusts are the ones who will plot her downfall.

Old secrets come out, emotional twists are inevitable, basic old-fashioned detective work is at play and people’s true identity is revealed in this story. Both Garano and Lamont make you fall in live with detective work so much that you can’t wait to read what happens next. I recommend this book to anyone who loves Cornwell’s books and those who are new to crime fiction. This would be a great and simple book to start off with. Happy reading!

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Tight braiding is NOT = long-lasting hairstyle December 8, 2014

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I saw a friend of mine with beautiful cornrows and though my hairline was still recovering, I decided to also do them. A lot of girls do cornrows and always look beautiful so I decided to also give it a try. I went to the same lady who did my friend’s hair and asked for a straight up. For those who don’t know, straight up is a hairstyle where cornrows are plaited upwards.

The lady was quite heavy-handed on my head but assured me she was attempting to get even the least parts. I sat through the pain and consoled myself of the long-lasting benefits because I thought that the tighter it is, the longer it will last. Well, here are the unfortunate results of braids that are too tight!



Needless to say, I will no longer go back to that lady again. From then on, I decided to keep to one person to do my hair softly and actually tries to care for my hairline. Fortunately I have T444Z to help fix my hair again but I had made such good progress and now I’m basically starting afresh.

Last year I had a similar situation and though the plaiting was painful, I didn’t say much  I figure that was part of the process  needless to say, results proved otherwise.




Ladies, be jealous with your hair and who works on it. Since I found Barbara who takes great care of my hair, I have not looked back. For the first time I’m actually able to sleep on the day of having my hair done without a splitting headache! Here are a few tips;


1) If he/she’s holding too tight, chances are there’s going to be some damage. Don’t believe the lie that when hair is too tight it will last longer.

2) After plaiting, apply a scalp treatment everyday for moisture.

3) If you start developing white-like bubbles at the base of your scalp, it is too tight and you should rather undo it and change your style.

4) Give your hair a couple of days break after removing your braids before re-brading.

I am looking forward to your own experiences and comments on my blog. #HappyHairDiaries