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Product review (Sofn’Free – Hair Mayonnaise)

Everyone who has natural hair or who is transitioning to natural knows the difficulty of finding products that work for your individual hair. The first challenge is knowing where to start and then the second becomes finding the right products while maintenance is quite another topic for another day. In my own quest for the… Continue reading Product review (Sofn’Free – Hair Mayonnaise)


7 reasons to delay dating after divorce

Image source: Google Many a times when people have gone through a divorce they tend to quickly get back into the dating scene without taking a moment to heal and figure things out on their own first. I know the word 'quickly' is relative and that my and your quickly may have completely different meanings.… Continue reading 7 reasons to delay dating after divorce


At Risk (Patricia Cornwell)

2006, Sphere, ISBN: 978-0-7515-3871-7, Pages: 229 It has been a very long time since I've read a book in one day and this book was such a beautiful reminder of what I love in books; simply written, beautiful plot, suspense and just a don't-put-down attraction to it. This book drew me in from the get… Continue reading At Risk (Patricia Cornwell)

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Tight braiding is NOT = long-lasting hairstyle

I saw a friend of mine with beautiful cornrows and though my hairline was still recovering, I decided to also do them. A lot of girls do cornrows and always look beautiful so I decided to also give it a try. I went to the same lady who did my friend's hair and asked for… Continue reading Tight braiding is NOT = long-lasting hairstyle