Kindness is a universal language

Hurricane scare, lost on a bus of French speakers none of which could speak English in the middle of the night, many 'first' experiences (bikini shots, snorkeling etc.) and 8 flights back home – my holiday was packed full of unforgettable experiences. These and a lot more are a basic kaleidoscope of what was a… Continue reading Kindness is a universal language

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5 places to have the best SESWAA in Gaborone

  On my first Sunday in Gaborone I was stuck in a hotel room and missed home, more specifically my mom’s Sunday lunch. I called room service to ask about their lunch specials and got to hear about this dish, ‘seswaa’ for the first time. On enquiry, the lady on the other side of the… Continue reading 5 places to have the best SESWAA in Gaborone