100 @ 50, Travel


(See 100 countries by age 50)

So I am on a quest of seeing all 195 countries on earth, write about my experiences and see how we can see the world while impacting the lives of others. Yay for big dreams! Initially I wanted to travel just to explore the globe and enjoy vacations, but of late, I want something meaningful to come out of these travels. At this point, I am not quite certain of the shape these will take, but it will become clear as I go. For starters, I would love to have visited 100 countries by the time I am 50. I decided on this challenge on my birthday, 8 December 2017 as I turned 36 and at that point, I had been to 10 countries. My current stats are 26 countries as at February 2020. This means I have to see about 7 new countries per year in order to meet my first goal. So, here we go…

1. South Africa 1. Italy
2. Australia 2. Kenya
3. Austria 3. Martinique
4. Barbados 4. Singapore
5. Botswana 5. United Arab Emirates
6. Eswatini 6.  Qatar
7. England
8. Germany
9. Grenada
10. Guadeloupe
11. Hungary
12. Ireland
13. Madagascar
14. Namibia
15. New Zealand
16. Portugal
17. Tanzania
18. United States of America
19. Zambia
20. Zimbabwe




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