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50 @ 50 July 5, 2019

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So I am on a quest to see all 195 countries of the world, write about my experiences and see how we can impact the lives of those who live in those nations. Yay for big dreams! Initially, I wanted to travel just to explore and rest for vacations which is what I have done far, but of late, I want something meaningful to come out of these travels. At this point, I am not quite certain the shape these will take, but it will unravel as we go. For starters, I actually plan to visit 60 countries by the time I am 50. Yeah, I know the title says 50 but 60 @ 50 doesn’t have a nice ring to it now does it? As I write this, it is August 2019, I am 37 years old and I have set foot on 20 countries so far. With 13 years and 42 countries to go before my first target, I will have to see about three new countries per year. So, here we go… I realize that the below table does not show gridlines, I use a free mode WordPress so I am still trying to figure it out. Countries with hyperlinks lead to some articles I wrote on those visits.


1. South Africa Italy
2. Australia Martinique
3. Barbados Singapore
4. Botswana United Arab Emirates
5. Eswatini
6. England
7. Germany
8. Grenada
9. Guadeloupe
10. Madagascar
11. Namibia
12. New Zealand
13. Tanzania
14. United States of America
15. Zambia
16. Zimbabwe
TOTAL 16 4





2 Responses to “50 @ 50”

  1. Lydia Says:

    You go Lady,big ups.

  2. Bonakele Kunene Says:

    Great stuff am also following suite slowly but surely.

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