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Forget Trump, proudly African

  I have been in Botswana for 6 months and I am loving it. I am fascinated by the way Batswana live and think but mostly, what captures my attention on a daily basis is of course the language. The pride Batswana have in their language and heritage is something to behold. Although I am… Continue reading Forget Trump, proudly African


KWEZI – The remarkable story of Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo (Redi Tlhabi)

2017, Jonathan Ball Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-86842-726-0, Pages: 248   When 'No' means something else...   The last one for 2017! Where do I even begin to put words together that make sense after reading such a book? Redi Tlhabi (a journalist of impeccable reputation) is exceptionally sensational in this book.  It is 22:18 on New… Continue reading KWEZI – The remarkable story of Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo (Redi Tlhabi)

#BotsChronicles, Travel

Botswana update

160 steps. Those are the steps I take from my office to and from the central printer on my floor at work. I am 1.75m tall so my steps are...let's say, not close together. Given my work, I go to the machine no less than 6 times a day on a not so busy day,… Continue reading Botswana update