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Myth #2 – Tall and slim = fit and healthy January 6, 2016

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For the better part of my young school life I hated being tall. It was the ideal thing for nicknames. Giraffe was a favourite one. Having been skinny at the same time also didn’t help matters as I’d be called names like skinny legs, mosquito, motsetserepa etc.
For a long time I walked around with a notion that I was slim and therefore healthy. What a shock when a few years ago I was found out to have a very high cholesterol level. I couldn’t believe that a slim person could have such an issue. Granted, it was also genetically influenced but my diet also had a great contribution. This called for me to relook my nutrition and not think I was healthy just because I was slim.
When I was at boot camp recently and battled to do exercises that tall people were apparently supposed to easily do, I again realised that tall and slim is definitely not equal to fit. I performed poorly in most of the challenges at the beginning of the camp and felt so much pressure because some of those who were slightly heavier, or way shorter or even older were performing better. This gave me sleepless nights and propelled me to have additional running sessions in the mornings to build myself up.
There was a 2M wall that I was supposed to jump over which was supposedly easier for taller people. I’m 1.76m tall so I guess I get the logic. Unfortunately with no upper body strength, that wall beat me twice. Then I understood the need for push-ups. Push-ups were the main punishment and when I noticed their benefit, I incorporated more push-ups in my private time to improve my upper body strength for the wall and the monkey climb challenge (pics below). Again people who were shorter or even a little heavier than me could jump the wall because they were fitter and they couldn’t understand how I couldn’t do it.
Long story short, I eventually conquered the wall and went a couple of times more net for control lol and was also able to improve my running time. All these things took effort and practice. They didn’t just fall on my lap just because I was slim and tall. What should have been ‘easy’ for me wasn’t simply because I wasn’t fit, and people who were fit showed their strength. Do the work and see the results.