Misery loves company (Rene Gutteridge)

Don’t tell me it’s terrifying, terrify me... I will never forget these words. It is now 04:17 on 2017 December 30th as I write this from Gaborone, Botswana after having finished this book. Sleep will have to take place later because right now, I just have to get this review out of my system. In… Continue reading Misery loves company (Rene Gutteridge)

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Botswana update

160 steps. Those are the steps I take from my office to and from the central printer on my floor at work. I am 1.75m tall so my steps are...let's say, not close together. Given my work, I go to the machine no less than 6 times a day on a not so busy day,… Continue reading Botswana update