Financial wellness

The 7 baby steps to financial freedom

My journey to financial wellness – Part 5 Around March 2019, almost three years into my journey, I discovered a man called Dave Ramsey. I had googled financial stewardship on YouTube and one of the feeds that popped up was of this loud, offensive and brutally honest man. If you are sick and tired of… Continue reading The 7 baby steps to financial freedom

Financial wellness

One step at a time

My journey to financial wellness – Part 4 Have you read Part 1, 2 and 3? So here we are…in a deep dark hole and seeing no way out. We have decided that debt is no longer welcome and we want to get rid of it. Is it even possible to live without debt? How?… Continue reading One step at a time

Financial wellness

It’s not just maths

My journey to financial wellness – Part 3 Do you know that a big part of your finances has nothing to do with maths or numbers? If it was, you would have figured out by now that debt is standing in your way to becoming financially well. It has a lot to do with how… Continue reading It’s not just maths

Financial wellness

Never Again

My journey to financial wellness – Part 1    COVID-19 is having many casualties including financial, and this had me reflecting on the past so I decided to write through my thoughts. Time was around 02h00 (this is AM in case you missed it) one pay day in the year 2016. I sat in my… Continue reading Never Again


From debt to riches (Phumelele Ndumo)

2011,  Jacana Media, ISBN: 978-1-4314-0262-5 10 000 copies sold by August 2014  The subject of money is a daunting one but Phumelele Ndumo deals with complex monetary concepts in such a simple manner for all to grasp. From savings, property, investments,  credit, buying shares and practical tips on how to get out of debt, this… Continue reading From debt to riches (Phumelele Ndumo)