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I have a new name…

Upon a cross they hung a man who redefined who I am! I have worn the label 'divorcee' with so much regret, shame, guilt, condemnation, and humiliation. I use the word 'worn' because that's exactly what I feel I did. I woke up each morning and put on the label as one would wear a… Continue reading I have a new name…


Lots of weddings, very few marriages 

I occasionally enjoy watching programmes such as Say yes to the dress, Married at first sight and South Africa's beloved, My perfect wedding. The central theme to all the programmes seems to be the pursuit of the perfect wedding day. Perfect dress, perfect decor, the perfect car, perfect suit, perfect hair and makeup and so the… Continue reading Lots of weddings, very few marriages 


7th year wedding anniversary

My heart is beating so fast as I pen this. It is never easy to be real and honest about areas of your brokenness but this is where I am right now...   Today, 9 May 2016 could have been my 7th year wedding anniversary. I wrestled hard on whether to use 'would have' or… Continue reading 7th year wedding anniversary


Being the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) “Go-To” on divorce

I sometimes hate the fact that I seem to have become a FAQ Go-to when it comes to the matter of divorce because I hate seeing marriages end. On the other hand, I am grateful that this experience allows me to speak into so many people's lives where I can share my experiences and how… Continue reading Being the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) “Go-To” on divorce


7 reasons to delay dating after divorce

Image source: Google Many a times when people have gone through a divorce they tend to quickly get back into the dating scene without taking a moment to heal and figure things out on their own first. I know the word 'quickly' is relative and that my and your quickly may have completely different meanings.… Continue reading 7 reasons to delay dating after divorce