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The Cliché ‘Do you boo’ January 29, 2019



I’ve been attending step and aerobics classes and finally got the message behind the ‘Do you boo’ cliché. I have now come full circle. #BackStory! In 1999 (20 years ago!) I was a first year Information Technology student at TNG (Technikon Northern Gauteng) in Soshanguve and I had to wait for my dad to pick me up after classes from work. He used to pick me up after 18:30 which was quite a long wait on some of the days. So after classes, I would mope around at the library or hang out at the Student Centre in grumpy typical teenage style. On one of the days I heard rhythmic screaming of people obviously enjoying themselves to pumping music. I peeked to find a group of students doing aerobics and they looked like they were having fun. Unfit as I was, I decided to join them and after a couple of sessions, I was hooked. There were three instructors, with bodies to die for; two ladies and a guy. I personally drooled over one lady’s arms (Michelle Obama arms), and envied the other’s thighs (think Serena Williams). This was fitness goals before Instagram. Flames!!! Sorry I forgot their names.


Fast-forward to 2000’s and running is now a thing. Not one to want to be left behind, I too got onto this running business because you know, FOMO.  Dismal fail each time. My time in the police college should have converted me into a runner, alas! After moving to Botswana 18 months ago, I decided to join a cool running team, RWI – yeah, check them out – these guys are really dope. Well, I only ran with them thrice in nine months. THREE TIMES! Suffices to say I was tired of being number last. Now do you understand the embarrassment of being tall and somewhat slim yet being number last in a group of runners? Yeah! I wasn’t having any of that. I started running by myself to gain some confidence and to build fitness with the intention of going back to the team later. *sigh* It always takes so much out of me to get out of the house and hit the road only to come back with a nosebleed or terrible rhinitis attack each time. But I wasn’t going to be defeated. I would continue to drag myself out and hit the pavement, nosebleed, rhinitis and all. This year, 2019, I have run once and went to 4 aerobics classes since my return to Gaborone and actually painfully enjoyed myself. Ok, the enjoyment is not ha ha fun, but I mean that I do not dread going to gym, I do not get rhinitis afterwards, I am loving how I feel and I am always proud of myself for staying the hour and sweating like a pig in the process. My arms and thighs are definitely on the mend.


This (aerobics) is how I had managed to keep fit and toned through my tertiary and first working years and then the goods train got derailed when I decided that running was the in thing and I too had to pose with medals. So guess what? 20 years on, I am going back to where my fitness journey started. Aerobics, step, Taebo, Zumba, kata box, etc… Running mates – do best, #Respect! Runners are a different cattle of fish I tell you! Perhaps once a month / quarter I can do a small run but given my track record, please don’t quote me on that. When it comes to fitness classes though, you can bet on seeing me two – three times per week at the gym. Running Comrades will remain on my bucket list (for now) because I am Mzansican afterall (and tsholofelo ga e tlhabise ditlhong – one day is one day), but this dream has since shifted waaaaaaay below the list and that idea does not give me sleepless nights at all. All of this to say, I agree – do you boo. Others run, others swim, others cycle and I step! There is liberty to be found in playing towards your strengths.


21 days of no sugar and no grains March 5, 2018

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First of all I didn’t think it was possible. No grains maybe but no sugar? Now that was going to test me to the limit and to the limits I was stretched.


By no sugar this is what I mean:


– white / brown sugar

– honey

– sweeteners

– added sugar in products (e.g juice, fizzy drinks, sauces, spices etc…)


Sugar I had:

– fruits

– sugar from dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt)


No grains: 

– wheat (bread, pasta, cake, pies, biscuits etc…)

– rice

– oats

– potatoes (fries & crisps)


Week 1

I thought I was going to die. I had monster headaches and very little energy. The cravings were thick and fast. I wanted everything but I stuck with it.


Week 2

This week was much better. I was starting to feel live again and the cravings were a little better although walking past Doritos every morning at reception was not easy. This week I decided not to take fruits anymore so essentially only got sugar from dairy products.


Week 3

I was away at a work conference for this week. This week tested my resolve because at these kind of meetings, we tend to eat a lot. For example, welcome teas with muffins and scones, tea break with sandwiches and croissants, lunch was much the same. So suffices to say, this week my body didn’t get enough food but I ensured that I had a substantial breakfast at the hotel and I would be ok throughout the rest of the day and had a nice rich dinner. I am very proud of myself that no sugar and grains touched my lips at this meeting. I am surprised at myself.


What my meals comprised of:

I will take pictures next time…. (yes there will be a next time :))


Breakfast: Combo of a few of the following items; Eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, egg noodles veg stir-fry, sausages. Nuts, berries & plain yogurt.

Lunch: Vegetables, Avo and meat.

Dinner: Vegetables and fish or Salad.

Snacks: Nuts (Almonds, pecans, macadamian), Cuppa and herbal teas




-My skin is glowing!!! That was the first thing, I couldn’t get over.

– My waistline is smaller :), lost 3kg.  I will take pics and exact measurements next time.

– No constipation. As someone who struggled with IBS, I have had no such trouble. My tummy is happy and so am I :). On week 2 I had a bit of bloating and decided to reduce my dairy intake to only one piece of dairy a day or every 2 days and my tummy went back to normal.



– Cravings are bad

– Headaches are really bad in the beginning

– No energy in the first week but it gets better. If you eat sufficiently during your meals, you should be a-ok.

– It is easy not to eat enough, so make sure you eat the right foods in reasonable quantities.


The trick to not yielding to temptations is to plan ahead of time. So on Sundays I would write down a plan of what I’ll be eating for all the meals and then buy groceries for the week. If I didn’t plan ahead and go to work with no lunch box, I then got easily tempted to visit the vending machine. When I had a substantial breakfast, I found that I was full for the day and wasn’t really hungry at lunch and rather had an early dinner.


Post 21 days

So this past Saturday (3 March 2018), I figured I was so well behaved for 3 weeks that I decided to have a slice of red velvet cake to celebrate. First, I couldn’t believe how incredibly sweet it was and battled to finish the slice. Although I enjoyed it, I wasn’t interested in having another one anytime soon. Which is completely out of character for me. I could eat cake everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner.  Yesterday a friend and I went to a lunch buffet and I had absolutely no interest to taste, let alone look at the sweets section. She went to town sampling all the desserts and lobbied me try the Nutella cheese cake she had. One spoon was all it took. What has happened to me?



What I missed the most

– Hot/slap chips (fries)

– Coffee with 1 sugar and coffee creamer.  I do not enjoy coffee with fresh milk.

– Pop corn


Final words…

I can definitely live without sugar. Now I know it is possible and I think I am going to explore this further. I may make concessions now and then, but the amount of wheat and sugar I was taking – no no no. In a nutshell, I will definitely watch what I eat a lot more than I did in the past. I loved how I felt and I love how I look when I eat fresh whole foods and less processed ones. Could it be my everyday lifestyle? I am definitely determined to explore the possibility.  This year I am placing a demand on myself to do the tough things; not only in the area of diet but also my faith, my finances, my academic and professional life.


Myth #2 – Tall and slim = fit and healthy January 6, 2016

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For the better part of my young school life I hated being tall. It was the ideal thing for nicknames. Giraffe was a favourite one. Having been skinny at the same time also didn’t help matters as I’d be called names like skinny legs, mosquito, motsetserepa etc.
For a long time I walked around with a notion that I was slim and therefore healthy. What a shock when a few years ago I was found out to have a very high cholesterol level. I couldn’t believe that a slim person could have such an issue. Granted, it was also genetically influenced but my diet also had a great contribution. This called for me to relook my nutrition and not think I was healthy just because I was slim.
When I was at boot camp recently and battled to do exercises that tall people were apparently supposed to easily do, I again realised that tall and slim is definitely not equal to fit. I performed poorly in most of the challenges at the beginning of the camp and felt so much pressure because some of those who were slightly heavier, or way shorter or even older were performing better. This gave me sleepless nights and propelled me to have additional running sessions in the mornings to build myself up.
There was a 2M wall that I was supposed to jump over which was supposedly easier for taller people. I’m 1.76m tall so I guess I get the logic. Unfortunately with no upper body strength, that wall beat me twice. Then I understood the need for push-ups. Push-ups were the main punishment and when I noticed their benefit, I incorporated more push-ups in my private time to improve my upper body strength for the wall and the monkey climb challenge (pics below). Again people who were shorter or even a little heavier than me could jump the wall because they were fitter and they couldn’t understand how I couldn’t do it.
Long story short, I eventually conquered the wall and went a couple of times more net for control lol and was also able to improve my running time. All these things took effort and practice. They didn’t just fall on my lap just because I was slim and tall. What should have been ‘easy’ for me wasn’t simply because I wasn’t fit, and people who were fit showed their strength. Do the work and see the results.


MYTH #1 – I’m not a morning person  December 24, 2015


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I have just come back from a 3-months basic police training course and my,what a time I had. Apart from academics and musketry (firearm) training, I also needed to be competent in fitness in order to successfully complete the course. Now, I have a love and hate relationship with exercise. I would much rather discipline myself with food rather than hit the road so I knew going into the course that the fitness part would be a challenge for me. At the end of it all, I learnt so much about myself and other people and hope to share some of the lessons from my boot camp.

One of the things I quickly learnt was that although I had always told myself I was not a morning person,  boot camp showed me I could be what I needed to be as the need demanded. Waking up at 03:00 or 03:30 in the hope of rushing for warm / hot water, my not-a-morning-person body quickly got accustomed whether the alarm was on or not. I needed to be ready for parade at 05:15 and in that time I had to have had a run, bathed, made sure my uniform was well ironed, boots polished and shining and cleaned my room (this is a whole specific process of shining floors and ironing the bed – specific process I say).

More often than not, we give names like ‘not a morning person’ to things that we do not like or prefer and not necessary things we are incapable of doing. By the 2nd month, waking up at 03:30 had become such a norm that calling myself a non-morning person just sounded like a cop-out. When I thought back to all those mornings in the past where I snoozed by alarm a million times instead of choosing to wake up to exercise or study and eventually the bed winning the fight, I realised how much I could have achieved.


Image source: some

My morning runs at boot camp were at 4am. Salaminah Tshwane was my morning run accountability partner so I was grateful to have had someone to do it with. When I felt lazy she would urge me on and vice versa. I eventually got so used to waking up that early for a run I even went when she wasn’t around. Since my return I’ve adjusted my rising time slightly since I have no morning parade to attend and I have hot water 24/7 (one of the reason for early rising) but I still wake up early, earlier than I’ve done before. I have decided to adopt this lifestyle of waking up early to firstly start my day with the Lord and then proceed to do some exercise. So far I’m all smiles 😄.

So from now on I will be careful of things I say about myself especially things that have a negative connotation. If you’re like me and don’t consider yourself a morning person, wait until something pushes you to wake up early then you’ll see it was probably only a preference or an area needing some discipline. Give it a try. For me personally, it was laziness. If I needed to wake up at 6am, I’d set the alarm for 05:20 so that I could snooze 4 times before eventually grudgingly having to wake up. At the end of it all, I had wasted 40 minutes in which I could have done something productive or could have had 40 minutes extra proper sleep, so who was I really kidding? So although I generally feel I am more alert at night, at the college I noticed that I just had to adjust my bed time and then waking up early wasn’t always a situation of me popping out of the bed like toast, but it did become easier. So what can I suggest for someone who wishes to be a morning person?
— Sleep earlier.

— Avoid multiple alarm snoozing. Don’t snooze but if you must, try snooze only once.

— Just kick those blankets off and get out of bed.

— Do it everyday until it forms habit.

— lay out the activity you plan to do for that time the night before. If it’s exercise, lay the clothes out and ready. If it’s studying, have the books ready etc.

— If possible, ask an early riser to check on you now and then to make sure you’re up. You’d be surprised at how many people are up and about already when you are snoozing.


My first “no” to vetkoeks / amagwinya August 14, 2012

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So my bikini pursuit continues… I feel like I wasted 45 minutes at gym today. I mean those things they call aerobics nowadays are a waste of time, I promise I can lose more kilos walking. I mean its just silly, spinning, touching your hips, pseudo dancing moves; noooo. Didn’t enjoy it at all. I mean if I wanted to have a dance class I would have attended a Zumba session. Perhaps it was just today’s trainer. I will try someone’s else if no joy, I will keep to the circuit. it worked before, should work again.

So today the “no” test began as I was offered vetkoeks at work this morning. So for non-South Africans a vetkoek is Afrikaans for fat cake. Literally a ball of dough fried in oil. I have attached a pic. I know they look gross, but trust me, they taste better than they look 🙂 I only ever eat the brown skin anyway as I find the dough far too stiff and results in me missing the bathroom for a couple of days :).  So I am very proud that I said my first “no” and hopefully I keep it up, keep the gym thingie moving and soon, pursuit conquered.

Magwinya / Vetkoeks


In pursuit of a bikini August 11, 2012

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So I have never ever worn a bikini in my life. Sure I have worn a one piece suit but never a bikini. I have decided as part of my 1000 things to do before leaving planet earth I will wear a bikini before the next winter. I have no phobias for a bikini at all :). I love those little things. I just don’t have the body for it I always tell myself. my body retains water and I have problems with my digestion so no matter how hard I try I always kinda have a bump in my abs area. Anywho, though that’s the case, I have over time not taken proper care of my body and now have gained so much weight it is making my life difficult. Whether it being naked in front of my husband, buying clothes in a shop and having to fit in front of those 360′ mirrors, or the idea of fitting at all…It is all a bit painful right now as I have to fit into bigger sizes. I can fool myself into thinking clothes are made smaller these days what with the Chinese invasion on our shores, but that would be just that – fooling myself. I know the truth is I do eat even when I shouldn’t, even more so I eat a lot of what I shouldn’t eat because I lack self restraint. My washing machine has not shrunk my favourite skirt, I have just gained some extra kilo’s because I am not teaching my flesh to say ‘no’. I give it what it demands every time. I reckon being honest with myself and not lying to myself is half the battle won. So today, 11th August 2012 I take a trip in pursuit of a bikini. Before the next winter I will be in a bikini by the pool or beach. That is a promise. My flesh is about to be baptized with a new word ‘NO’ or perhaps ‘NOT today.’