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LIRA – Making HERstory – A decade of achievement (Part 1) January 24, 2015

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I generally do a book review after having finished a book but I have to make an exception with this one. I absolutely love auto/biographies. I find people and their stories fascinating so I’m very drawn to such books to hear what inspires people, what makes them who they are, and what goes on in their minds.

Hearing ‘I’m a believer’ by Lira from a list of shuffling songs on my iPod today made me sit up and really listen to this lady. All of a sudden the song had new meaning because I knew how it had come about

Courtesy of a big sale at, I bought myself a copy of the LIRA – Making herstory, a decade of achievement book and from when it got delivered yesterday afternoon, I have struggled to put it down. For those who may not know who Lira is, here’s a short description.

Lira is a dazzling (read book to find out why I use ‘dazzling’), multi-award winning South African artist who seems to be grown way ahead of her years. She sings and performs with a great deal of talent, passion and energy which has captivated the hearts of many South Africans and internationals alike. ‘Lira’ is her stage name/nickname emanating from her name ‘Lerato’ which means ‘love’ in the Setswana / Sotho languages. Her list of achievements is quite long and after reading the book, like me, you’ll have newly found respect and admiration for her and her craft.

I was amazed by how much a hard worker she is. I think everyone in South Africa will tell you how busy Lira is. Hardly a week goes by without hearing of a concert that she’ll be singing at. The book is candid about her experiences into the music industry, her upbringing and how she goes about making things happen in her life and career. When people out there have a talent and believe that things will just fall on their laps, that people will discover them while they do very little on their part, Lira’s story will MAKE you WANT to get up and go chase after your dreams. This girl is a go-getter of note.

I am only half-way through the book but I am left speechless at how much one can go after a dream and live a life of purpose despite the challenges it brings. I dare everyone who’s got a dream to take time and read this book and learn how tenacious one has to be in achieving what they dream for themselves. So far, I’m left inspired, intrigued and mesmerised by the sheer volume / magnitude of person she is. I now know for sure that when we do work we are good at or love or things we believe we are born to do, we can be the best in our field and live a full life. The cliché ‘love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life,’ rings true.

She goes into how her songwriting sessions take place,  how she believes for things in her life, how she relates with family and how her upbringing has impacted her. I mean real honest and deep things that I am not sure I would share – quite candid. The book makes me feel like I know her a bit better and will hopefully understand her better. I know that for me, watching her perform or hearing her song on radio will never be the same again. She has my respect.

I just had to pause and mull over what I’ve read so far. I hope in pages to come I will hear about how she keeps her Afro in tip-top shape! 😜

To be continued… Read Part 2 here…



R5 000 000??? What??? November 21, 2014

My heart is still palpitating uncontrollably thanks to last week’s episode of Dragon’s Den South Africa where one of the Dragons, Lebo Gunguluza parted with R5 000 000. Perhaps I should write it in full just in case I’ve missed a zero. He parted with five million rands ON HIS OWN!!! When all the dragons bowed out, I was almost convinced that he would too. But nooooo. He dived right in. Hopefully now you can understand why I am still in shock. In order to understand the meat behind the man, I quickly googled him and read on his website, how he became a self-made millionaire by the age of 27 and how he lost it all by making mistakes so many entrepreneurs make of living the lavish lifestyle irresponsibly. Naturally, I became exceedingly interested in how he managed to pull himself back up to become yet another multi-millionaire. He is very honest and real about his mistakes and what he learnt from them. I like that in people’s stories because it offers hope and real life lessons that one can often relate to. Do yourself a great service and visit his website for some dose of inspiration.

This is exactly what I mean when I say playing towards your strengths allows you sooooo much freedom, fulfillment and an opportunity to make a difference. Wow! @gunguluza99 Lebo! Salute my brother! I look forward to interviewing you on a segment of my blog called “Born for this” so that the greater world can learn what it takes to live a life you believe you were truly born for.

Just a week prior, another Dragon, @PholoLeteka parted with R2 000 000 on her own. Now for this woman, I need to write another blog just dedicated to her. She is inspiration on steroids! I love South Africa. Alive with possibilities.

For those who may still not know what I am talking about, please watch Dragon’s Den every Tuesday at 19:00 on DSTV Mzansi Magic, Channel 161.



I was born for this October 12, 2014

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A bird doesn’t struggle to fly. A fish doesn’t battle to swim. Why is that? Because they are doing what they were born to do. Have you ever met people who seem to be in their element? Whether it be acting, singing, baking, communicating, sports, economics, medicine and many other careers, these people seem to be in their niche. They are not only loving what they are doing but they also excel in it. I am continually in a beat to improve myself and often ask myself whether I am just going with the masses, chasing the norm or if I will defy all logic and actually follow my dreams whatever the cost. Over the years I have come to realize that there is power in leaning toward one’s strengths instead of just being enveloped in a haze of power suits and career ladder climbing that bring no fulfillment. Because we are money-conscious, understandably so, many dreams go unfulfilled because we tend to put money top of mind. Some people think following your dreams always involves resigning from your job and becoming your own boss. This may be true but not for everyone. Each one of us has a different role to play in society and I believe that when we begin to seriously explore our giftings, talents and dreams, be willing to put in the work it takes, we will begin to enjoy life, and contribute to the betterment of humanity. The anatomy or a body is always a good adage to this. An eye will never be judged on its ability to walk so when we go out and attempt to function in an area that may not be our best, we could already be at a disadvantage. At times a person may feel they were born for a particular moment in time, say for example being a president. The person may not necessarily be in a particular lifetime career, but for a period in their lives, they believe the moment was cast in stone long before they were born. Enough about the theories now. Why don’t we put these to the test?

I plan to discuss these with people I meet whom I believe or who seem to be in their life’s purpose so that we can learn from them and hear wether passion is really overrated. Check in often for the interviews I will be conducting and uploading onto my blog, as we start exploring the lives of people who believe they were born for what they are currently doing.