24 hours in Swakopmund, Namibia


I was in Walvis Bay & Swakopmund for a few days in March 2019 to rest after a long and strenuous conference. I decided to take advantage of a couple of activities while exploring this SO underrated tourist destination. My meeting was in Windhoek so I flew from Windhoek to Walvis Bay on Air Namibia. I then hired a car at the airport since Uber was not operational there at the time, not sure about now and there was no public transport. My flight was delayed by about 3 hours so we landed after normal airport closure time but the car hire company stayed on just so I could have the car. Told you God be having my back y’all.

Namibia was really such an amazing destination. Saying I loved being here is an understatement. I had a racist incident happen to me in one of the shops, but we leave haters alone. 11th country ✅, 184 to go. So, here’s what I got up to in this Land of the Brave.

1.  Skydiving 

THIS was THE highlight of my trip. I faced my fears head-on and did the unthinkable. Yes, I am crazy; I jump out of aeroplanes. I will do this over and over and over. I jumped from 12 000 feet (3.6km above ground) and that gave me about 35 seconds of free fall which was exhilarating. The next time I do it (Yes there will be a next time), I will jump from 15 000 feet. Check out my video here. I did my jump with SkyDive4Fun which operates out of Hanger 13 of Swakopmund Airport. The jump cost R3500 which included R900 to have another diver jump with me to capture my video. Fun was had. Ths jump almost didn’t happen because of the weather. You can see some clouds which have unfortunately hidden the sea in the video, so it was such a thrill when the sky opened up a bit for me to have my moment.

2. Climb Dune 7

This was the second most favourite thing I loved doing. The kid in me just came out to play. In both Walvis and Swakopmund, you’re spoilt for choice with dunes, the famous in the area being Dune 7 (not sure why). The dessert captured my heart in a very special way. I’m a beach-bum but the dessert really did me in. I was mesmerized and captivated by the beauty of sand. When you check out my skydiving video, check the dunes down below – beautiful. God’s finger is evident in creation. Namibia is really an underrated tourism destination. I played like a child on Dune 7. I summoned the Dune in 11 minutes which is terrible for a person my age, but hey! I made it. I know of people who didn’t. It is only about 100m high after all, but man, it was not easy, plus in that scorching Namib desert heat! Side note… The fastest recorded time for summiting Dune 7 in March 2019 was 3 minutes! Go figure… So now I have to go back for BIG DADDY which is a whopping 325m high – The highest in the world. Now you see why I say Namibia is underrated?

3. Camel riding

I have always had a very romanticised idea of camel riding. You’re out in the desert, the sun is about to set and the skies are picture-perfect with a kaleidoscope of colours magnificent, you’re wearing a keffiyeh, the camel is gliding ever so effortlessly along the sand, your soul is at rest and then… you get the picture. I was quite surprised about how I felt riding the camel. I was uncomfortable and wondered if it was ethically ok to be riding camels. Is it? I’m probably overthinking it but the experience was not as pleasurable as I expected it to be. I was feeling sad for the animals and the man who was guiding us along. Mmmm.

4. Dessert quad biking

I have been travelling solo the past three years and although I love it, it does not come without its disadvantages. Accommodation for one is more expensive, taking photos can be quite tricky, and some excursions apparently require twosomes. I arrived excited to partake in this activity and was told I needed a partner. I hung around hoping another loner like myself would come to my rescue. Do-lo-lo. God, please do the things to make the pots now hawu! I can’t be missing out on nice things. So this activity has to be shelved for another time. I just watched people having fun and getting dirty.


5.  Walk the waterfront

I love piers. They provide great places to look into the distance, take pictures and people watch 🤣. Don’t judge me. People watching = great stories.

6. Watch Pink flamingos

I walked around Flamingo Bay in Walvis but was disappointed that I didn’t see many flamingos. :(. I’m told I didn’t come in their prime season. The pic on the left is how they usually play during peak season. The two pictures on the right are what I saw. Oh well, it’s a lovely place to walk, run, sit, gave into the distance and…you guessed it – people watch.

7.  Sleep in

Seriously.  Sleep in. The place I stayed at had the best of both worlds. The ocean on the one side, and the dessert on the other side. What a sight to behold. It actually looks unreal. I stayed at a self-catering apartment in Langstrand which is located halfway between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. The bed! Oh so heavenly. I wanted to stay in bed all day. With such views who would blame me? Oh, and if you’re watching your weight, STAY AWAY from Karen’s homemade rusks. Yum.


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