April 2020 Read

The Atonement Child (Francine Rivers)
Atonement Child
374 Pages, 1999, Tyndale House Publishers through Christian Art Publishers
Those who know Francine Rivers know that she doesn’t disappoint. Dynah is the main character in this book. She’s a young high performing student at a Christian university. She’s still a virgin (there’s a reason to this emphasis), engaged to the university’s most eligible bachelor, and excited about her upcoming wedding. All until a horrible event that happens so soon in the book (Page 16) one wonders how the story will be carried through. But you know Francine Rivers is a master storyteller.
This incident turns her whole world and faith upside down. It not only reveals who she really is to herself as she navigates her new normal, but through it, she is having the space to know God, herself and her family afresh as she struggles through her season of questioning His existence and His love for her. In the same vein, she’s learning who people really are when faced with a challenge that is sometimes spoken of in the distance, until it knocks at your door. The book tackles one of the toughest and usually non-spoken of subjects of abortion from all angles (the pregnant girl, the guy, the family, society, the church and the medical fraternity). This is one of those books that remind you that none of us will live untouched by life; Christian or otherwise.

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