February 2020 Read

The Choice (Dr Edith Eger)

The Choice


This memoir! WOW! This is the first book on the holocaust I’ve read, and most certainly not the last. There is a rawness shared by the author that I sometimes wonder if I would be so free in sharing. The details are so sharp like they just happened yesterday. the writing is exceptional. The simple exposition of concepts – phenomenal.  Trauma is real. y’all. As a person who has experienced a sexual violation myself, I remember minute details of that night like it was yesterday, and this book has given me the language to understand and deal with what has happened to me. I can understand how she remembers the little of littlest details of what happened when she was only a teenager. As a holocaust survivor, a wife, a mother, a sister and a Psychiatrist, Dr Eger puts emotion and real-life faces to the ugly that was concentration camps of Auschwitz. You will read from this book how it is not only what happens to us that affects us, but also what does NOT. Man! The healing… After surviving the horrific gas chambers, starvation, death walks and many unthinkable atrocities at the hands of the nazis, Dr Eger lives a life of helping others find hope in lifeless situations.


In short, the memoir covers her life before the capture, life during captivity, freedom and finding healing after tragedy. The memoir part is enough, but she decided to go a step further by not only sharing her story, but also helping others out of their deep hurts. It starts with Edith, a jew, at the age of 16 living in Hungary with her family as a promising ballerina olympiad who has a boyfriend. A typical life for a teenager. Then the unthinkable happens where their home is raided and they are taken away to a camp where she never gets to see her parents again. Her struggles through pain and death walks with a broken back, will leave you heartbroken and awed at how one survives such cruelty with this positive attitude towards life. She uses ample examples from her therapy sessions to show how we can get stuck at certain points in our lives and how to find healing from those experiences. Then their lives in America. Look, The book is loaded – just read it.

I absolutely loved this book. Moreover, I love the fact that she wrote this book at age 90! 90 people. Bona, it not over until it is over.


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