January 2020 Read

The Heart of Memory (Alison Strobel)

Heart of Memory - Alison Strobel
2011, Zondervan, 304 pages, 978-0-310-28947-0


I read this book in under 24 hours. This is the second Alison Strobel novel I’ve read, the first being ‘The weight of shadows.’ In short, the book is about the lives of a couple running a Christian ministry and serving others while their private lives are not what they seem from the outside. The book reminds me of just how human Christians actually are. Not in a way to justify people’s wrongful actions, but as a reminder on how every day is an opportunity to choose life or death and how those choices have consequences. It also brings to the fore our fallibility and how we all are in need of a saviour. Secrets held by the couple carry the story. In a way, although it was an interesting story to read, I think the revelation of the husband’s secret didn’t live up to the hype it was climax-building towards. Also, if a wife finds out the husband is hiding something, I don’t know how many wives, realistically speaking, would keep quiet about it for the amount of time Savannah did in this book. I think another thing I took out of this book is the importance of couples actually doing things together instead of just trusting that one part of the pair is taking care of everything e.g. finances in this case, with no involvement by the other half.


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