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The Cliché ‘Do you boo’

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I’ve been attending step and aerobics classes and finally got the message behind the ‘Do you boo’ cliché. I have now come full circle. #BackStory! In 1999 (20 years ago!) I was a first year Information Technology student at TNG (Technikon Northern Gauteng) in Soshanguve and I had to wait for my dad to pick me up after classes from work. He used to pick me up after 18:30 which was quite a long wait on some of the days. So after classes, I would mope around at the library or hang out at the Student Centre in grumpy typical teenage style. On one of the days I heard rhythmic screaming of people obviously enjoying themselves to pumping music. I peeked to find a group of students doing aerobics and they looked like they were having fun. Unfit as I was, I decided to join them and after a couple of sessions, I was hooked. There were three instructors, with bodies to die for; two ladies and a guy. I personally drooled over one lady’s arms (Michelle Obama arms), and envied the other’s thighs (think Serena Williams). This was fitness goals before Instagram. Flames!!! Sorry I forgot their names.


Fast-forward to 2000’s and running is now a thing. Not one to want to be left behind, I too got onto this running business because you know, FOMO.  Dismal fail each time. My time in the police college should have converted me into a runner, alas! After moving to Botswana 18 months ago, I decided to join a cool running team, RWI – yeah, check them out – these guys are really dope. Well, I only ran with them thrice in nine months. THREE TIMES! Suffices to say I was tired of being number last. Now do you understand the embarrassment of being tall and somewhat slim yet being number last in a group of runners? Yeah! I wasn’t having any of that. I started running by myself to gain some confidence and to build fitness with the intention of going back to the team later. *sigh* It always takes so much out of me to get out of the house and hit the road only to come back with a nosebleed or terrible rhinitis attack each time. But I wasn’t going to be defeated. I would continue to drag myself out and hit the pavement, nosebleed, rhinitis and all. This year, 2019, I have run once and went to 4 aerobics classes since my return to Gaborone and actually painfully enjoyed myself. Ok, the enjoyment is not ha ha fun, but I mean that I do not dread going to gym, I do not get rhinitis afterwards, I am loving how I feel and I am always proud of myself for staying the hour and sweating like a pig in the process. My arms and thighs are definitely on the mend.


This (aerobics) is how I had managed to keep fit and toned through my tertiary and first working years and then the goods train got derailed when I decided that running was the in thing and I too had to pose with medals. So guess what? 20 years on, I am going back to where my fitness journey started. Aerobics, step, Taebo, Zumba, kata box, etc… Running mates – do best, #Respect! Runners are a different cattle of fish I tell you! Perhaps once a month / quarter I can do a small run but given my track record, please don’t quote me on that. When it comes to fitness classes though, you can bet on seeing me two – three times per week at the gym. Running Comrades will remain on my bucket list (for now) because I am Mzansican afterall (and tsholofelo ga e tlhabise ditlhong – one day is one day), but this dream has since shifted waaaaaaay below the list and that idea does not give me sleepless nights at all. All of this to say, I agree – do you boo. Others run, others swim, others cycle and I step! There is liberty to be found in playing towards your strengths.

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