12 Things to do in Grenada

Source of map: Lucia Eggenhoffer Photography


Well, to be fair, the list is about what to do more on the south and around St George, Grenada’s capital. This small Caribbean country of just over 100 000 people is a gem. This spice island located to the South East of the Caribbean Sea was home for 6 days and I loved it. The runway is a few metres from the sea to a point where it felt like the A321 undercarriage was going to touch the water before hitting the runway. I flew in from Johannesburg so it took about 20 hours flying time to get there. A 15-hour flight on SA Airways to New York and then another 5 hours on JetBlue Airways to Maurice Bishop International Airport, Grenada. I visited Gorata (Dr Afagbegee to be) aka Nana who was studying medicine at the St George’s University where I spent 6 beautiful days – what a host! Thanks Nana – I miss that smile. 12th country ✅, 183 to go.


1. Eat a roti with a Ting

Of course the first thing on the agenda had to involve food J. I know the picture looks scary but the taste was incredible. I had a fish roti and Nana had a chicken one. The roti is available at a couple of places around Grenada but the one from Sugar Shack is amaze balls y’all. Ting was my drink of choice in Grenada. Yes me, a fizzy drink. It almost tastes like Schweppes and Fresca for the South African Community’s appreciation.


2. Lounge on Grand Anse beach

This is undoubtedly the best beach in Grenada. Others believe ??? is the better beach but I personally loved Grand Anse. It is also the most popular given its white and long sandy beach with clear waters. There are lovely eateries right on the sea shore in case you don’t feel like bringing any snacks. You absolutely have to try out a place called Umbrella’s. Their Buffalo Wings are to die for! Ok, food – again. J.  The beach has a sudden deep slope into the sea which makes playing on the shore not so cute.


3. Snorkel and see underwater sculptures

As a first timer, full review of my experience here, the Dive Grenada was excellent in both getting us ready for the trip and once there, sharing the history of the sculptures with us. The excursion costs around $50 per person. Well worth a visit. You cannot come to Grenada and leave this out of your itinerary.


4. Visit the Concorde waterfall

The drive to the waterfall, whoa! Not for the fain hearted. The roads are narrow, steep and that’s not all. There are no road guardrails! I looked outside into the no bottom amazon looking gorge below and decided that was no longer a good idea so for the remainder of the trip I looked in front of me. Pretty scary ride in some parts but lovely time at the Waterfall. There are some local crafts on sale too.


5. Take glorious sunset pics at Morne Rouge Beach

Also known as BBC Beach, Nana and I had the most fun playing on this beach. It is shallow until very far into the sea so very child friendly waters or for some of us who aren’t very confident simmers. It is not a very pretty beach by Caribbean standards, since the water is not as clear and crystal blue as Grand Anse but the beachside café, magical sunsets and shallow waters make it a lovely little chill spot. Also, because it is not so popular it doesn’t get very crowded.



6. Make chocolate, eat chocolate

My life’s greatest weaknesses: Coffee, Chocolate, Cake and slap chips/fries – in any particular order. If only my diet consisted of those 4 items I would be happy. But what with bikini body quests! ***Big sigh!*** A visit to this cute little place was sweet. You see the process of how chocolate is made and get the chance to taste and buy the chocolate. The building has a small coffee shop and beautiful ruins which are a photographers’ paradise. I loved the ginger infused chocolate the most.


7. Stop at Charlie’s roadside bar

The owner of this bar is such a creatively humble soul. You have to stop by to explore his artistry and have a drink while at it. Why not?


8. Nutmeg factory

Nutmeg is known as Grenada Gold with the country supplying about 40% of the world’s annual crop. We swung by the factory to see how the nutmeg is grown and processed for various uses.


9. Have a coconut 

I had it twice just to be sure but I didn’t like it much. I’m now told I should have tried it chilled, but oh well, next time. I didn’t like the coconut water as much but I liked  the coconut fruit. These are easily found on the streets for under a dollar so something definitely worth a try.


10. Visit St George’s University

I honestly have no idea how students study in this University. The views from here had me gazed into the distance for days on end! I mean I could literally live here, from today. It is quite a lovely place with stairs to get around, a LOT of stairs to keep the Doctors to be fit and did I mention the views?


11. Try out local restaurants

The area has a lot of restaurants to try out in this part of town, so go right ahead and pick one. Our fave spot apart from Sugar Shack was The Greek Kitchen which is right by the University main entrance gate. Their Lamb salad – wow!


12. Exercise on True Blue Bay

Such a serene place for prayer and some stretching. We stopped here for half of our run each morning just to take the silence in. This place is so beautifully peaceful.


I have so many other things I wanted to do while there, but that would have to wait for my next soon and yes, this is a country I would love to visit again.

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