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5 places to have the best SESWAA in Gaborone

Goat seswaa from Botswana Craft


On my first Sunday in Gaborone I was stuck in a hotel room and missed home, more specifically my mom’s Sunday lunch. I called room service to ask about their lunch specials and got to hear about this dish, ‘seswaa’ for the first time. On enquiry, the lady on the other side of the line described it as beef that had been pounded, a Botswana delicacy, something I just had to have. “You mean like a schnitzel?” I asked, “Exactly!” Well, when it came, it resembled more of shredded beef, as per the photo. Well, it turns out seswaa is actually overcooked meat which is usually cooked for funerals in South Africa called ‘tshotlho.’ This is my number 1 favorutie thing to eat in Botswana. I have sampled quite a bit of this dish and have found that these places serve the best.


1.  Cresta Hotel Mahalapye

Ok ok ok, Relax!. I know Cresta Hotel Mahalapye is about 200km from Gaborone, but man, I had to place it as my number 1 because their lamb seswaa is the best I have had in Botswana – hands down! When driving north, do yourself a favour and stop by this hotel for this treat, and it will be a treat – that much I can guarantee.


2.  Botswana Craft

This is my favourite eat out spot in Gaborone and their seswaa is the business. I especially love their goat seswaa but hear it from me, everything at this eatery is good. Their fried goat and oxtail – delish!


3.  Pavillion Restaurant, Fairgrounds

A group of guys and I visit this place for lunch every Friday.  This restaurant serves a traditional menu on Fridays (12:00 – 14:00) and it can be quite packed so go early. They also offer goat and mogatla (oxtail), and setswana chicken (free range chicken) which are always very well made.


4.  Grand Palm Hotel

The buffet restaurant at this hotel sells seswaa as part of their buffet and it is yumness. It’s a pity you can’t order the seswaa à la carte.


5.  Main deck

Such a cool hangout spot in Gabs right in the middle of Main Mall, more a square than a mall actually but definitely one to check out.

If you know of other places I should try out, please do send them my way so I can check them out.  Pula!

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