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Lover of my soul…

Pic Cred: Gorata Afagbegee, Location: Morne Rouge Beach, Grenada, Model: Moi

One thing I love about pursuing God is that we already know His response. A guy can pursue a girl for a long time with no assurance of what she’ll say. She may say ‘yes’ and then off they go towards the sunset of romantic bliss. Or she may say ‘no’ and crush a guy’s heart but at least he has a response and can deal with the facts at hand. A challenge comes in the ‘maybe’ response. Where she has his heart in her hand and can turn it either way. He in the meantime while waiting to hear her hopefully say ‘yes,’ hangs in a balance of hope and despair as the days or months, or even years drag on. Hope deferred makes the heart sick the Bible says. The guy clings onto hints that the girl leaves making him sway either way of the pendulum. The pain of waiting and the possibility of a ‘no’ makes him want to give up and move on. But the prospect of a ‘yes’ keeps him in pursuit.

No one pursues us like Christ does and in our own pursuit of Him, we are assured that His answer is always ‘yes.’ There to meet us at our point of need – always. Why not since He knows what pursuit looks like? He knows how it’s like to pursue a people, die for them and have them reject you, but pursue them still. Like Hosea pursued after Gomer even after countless times of going back to idols and prostitution. Only Christ pursued us all the way to the cross – much more sacrificial.

I am in pursuit of the lover of my soul, the one who fills my heart when my head can’t find all the answers I need to life’s questions.

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