A Voice in the Wind (Francine Rivers)

2013, Tyndale House Publishers,
ISBN: 0-8423-7750-6, Pages: 520
Book 1 of 3: Mark of the Lion Series

I love Francine Rivers! Wow! Honestly, she doesn’t cease to amaze me. This is one of the oldies but only got around to reading it now.

The story is simply about holding on to one’s faith and sharing it with those around you in situations that don’t call for that. Courage and passion fill the pages of this book. All of us, no matter how insignificant we think we are can make a difference. A supernatural God uses us, ordinary people, to do extraordinary things. Wow! I laughed, cried and fell in love with God and His Word reading this book. The emotions are vividly real. Hadassah – the main character, an orphan, a servant, a slave under the Roman Empire in a home that doesn’t know or have any regard for God lives a life that is impossible to ignore. Sometimes we witness more by actions and not by words. A love for God and a love for people – that’s what this book is about. There is also such a beautiful love story in the mix that reminds us not to settle for cheap romances. The ending is still a sore point for me. I will write a letter to Francine about this. Not at all what I was expecting. More than anything, reading Francine’s books make me crave for a deeper knowledge of the Bible.

It’s true, you can serve God with your gifts and talents. Tjo! Lord help me to be as bold! Remind me that I am not my own and that I am here on assignment.

I will be starting Book II (An Echo in the Darkness) soon.


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