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Botswana update

160 steps. Those are the steps I take from my office to and from the central printer on my floor at work. I am 1.75m tall so my steps are…let’s say, not close together. Given my work, I go to the machine no less than 6 times a day on a not so busy day, 10+ on hectic days. This number excludes all the other steps I make to other offices and my resolve to use the stairs and not the lift, sho! Since the kitchen and bathroom are also in the same area, I’ve now had to be smart about it. So I’ll go make copies / scan documents while I wait for coffee to brew in my plunger and then go to the bathroom while at it. Cost savings to the organization and extra exercise for me 😊. In my previous work I would print and the documents would miraculously find themselves on my desk 😊. So now that I don’t have people performing miracles in my office, I have had to adjust to the current work environment and still thrive and perform because you know, I intend representing my beautiful rainbow nation, the beloved South Africa well. I refuse to be associated with mediocrity so I’m killin’ it

Life is just the same, we wake up each day to face literally the unknown. We are always one situation away from happiness or sadness. We are constantly faced with decisions on a daily, hourly basis and have the awesome burden of choosing to sulk or suck it up. I now get why some employers are moving toward hiring people with a higher EQ than a higher IQ because life will throw curve balls at you everyday, how you deal with it will decide the winners and losers.
I am in Botswana for 4 months now and glad to report that my need to use the GPS is decreasing by the day. The heat is unbelievable and it’s not even summer yet. Here’s a short summary of the past couple of months.

Traumatic loss

In July I lost a new friend with whom I had been appointed. Eugene Nyatanga from Harare, Zimbabwe. We met when we had come to attend interviews this year in March and kept in touch with the rest of the candidates so when he and I were hired, we were excited to at least have one person in a foreign country who would understand the challenges of being away from home. Our office were next door to each other so did everything together. Shared lunch, we drove often to work together, and helped each other acquire accommodation and find our way around Gaborone. A month and a half into our move to Botswana, Eugene passed away. The trauma is still very real and thinking about it still brings a lot of pain and sorrowful memories. The circumstances around his death were also quite heartbreaking as we remain with many unanswered questions. Attending his funeral in Harare and meeting his broken family, was for me very difficult to bear. It’s been 2 months since Eugene’s passing and I still think of him. Rest easy my friend.

Solo adventures

So I’ve always been a home body and quite a loner. I go to movies and restaurants alone and see no issue with that at all. Botswana hosted the Netball Tournament in July and when I heard that South Africa was playing, I took my flag and headed to the University of Botswana’s Indoor Sports Ground. What a great game and experience this was. I sat with fellow South Africans and although we lost to Jamaica, the spirit of the rainbow nation was alive! I love South Africa.


On Friday, 29 September 2017, I attended Botswana’s Independence even celebration at the Botswana National Stadium alone. There was singing, dancing, music and oh the spectacular fireworks. I apologize for not bringing a camera. Told you this photography thing is growing in me. Long story short- I had the time of my life. I even wore their national colours to show my patriotism. Happy Birthday Botswana. Congratulations on your 50+1 years of independence. Such a beautiful nation which has embraced me, much love.

I visited Sanitas Tea Garden one Sunday and atmosphere was amazing; birds chipping, little monkeys playing around and a fabulous play area for kids. The menu was just ok, but I sat there with this great book, took in the ambiance and enjoyed my Sunday meal. I will do a proper review of this eatery soon.

Girls, I tell you, it’s ok to live and enjoy your singleness. Do not wait to be a part of, in order to enjoy life. Live your life to the full, I’m telling you it’s rewarding. Anyway, if you don’t enjoy your own company, who will? If you don’t learn to keep yourself entertained, you’ll end up unfairly abdicating that responsibility to someone else with disastrous consequences. Let’s have fun, experiences, explore, travel, make friends, go crazy for the kingdom, serve others, make memories and enjoy each season we find ourselves in.

Church family

The search continues. 😊
Till next time, PULA!

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