BookWorm, Relationships

The Wait (Devon Franklin & Meagan Good)

Enter a2016, Howard Books,
ISBN: 978-1-5011-0529-6, Pages: 243 caption

Courtesy of Itumeleng Sibiya who was generous enough to buy me this book as it was being released in the States, what a gem it’s been. I have absolutely loved reading this book. For a celebrity couple, practicing celibacy would be the last thing one would associate with Hollywood. The book has so many treasures and nuggets I literally underlined so many pages. One of my favorite chapters in the book was chapter 6 (What keeps men from waiting) as it gave me so much insight into how men process sex and dating. This was a great eye opener and gave me a bit of insight in my dealing with men in this area. Devon and Megan are honest about their journeys leading up to their marriage while being open about their mistakes. I’m a firm believer that people may love hearing about our successes but connect more with our weaknesses so I believe they did this well. The book chronicles how they met, how they courted, how Devon proposed and how they are now in marriage. They also share practical tips on how to make the daunting ‘waiting’ experience a pleasant and beneficial one and not one where one is almost like in a holding pattern waiting to be rescued. Some of their approaches and suggestions raised my eyebrows so I found myself having to be more open minded as long as it wasn’t contrary to the Word. As someone practicing celibacy, the book was a great help in helping me think through sex and dating as I consider the possibility of being in a relationship again. I recommend this book for all single ladies and gents out there. The book has succeeded in making celibacy fashionable again given the state of immediate self-gratification we seem to be swallowed in even in the church. It’s an easy read and reminds us all that God is still in the business of writing love stories.



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