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Gentlemanly or old fashioned? July 29, 2015

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Some say it is gentleman-like and others say it is old fashioned but something interesting happened to me the other day. A guy opened the car door for me. I’m sure some of you read that sentence and wondered where the interesting part was. But for me who has never had a guy open a door for me before, quite an experience it was. So he did it 3 times in the course of our journey. At some point I laughed out  loud because it was awkward and I wasn’t sure how to react. Since it was a first for me, it felt special but also very weird. Is opening of doors for ladies still a phenomenon? Like a gentleman thing to do? Like is this #OpsNormal in other circles?

I mean I don’t know if I could get used to a guy opening a door for me. Don’t get me wrong, it was very refreshing, but is it sustainable? If we are outside and going towards the car, then, maybe, I get it. But when we are both in the car, and he comes out of his side to come open my side, isn’t it like strange? So what do I do in the mean time? Fiddle with my handbag and pretend to be looking for something (which is what I did), or do I stay put, look at him as he strolls towards my side and wait until he opens the door? I mean what is the correct protocol here? #NoviceSpeak


3 Responses to “Gentlemanly or old fashioned?”

  1. ouma Says:

    Hehehehe, very funny lady. It is a gentlemanly gesture which should be done minimally in my opinion (it isn’t sustainable, from my experience). It gets a little too much ultimately for the likes of me (who is forever rushing to do one thing or the other). Pointers for the door opener for sure, but nothing to writ home about.

  2. Haha This one I can actually comment on. My soon to be ex-husband opened the door for every single time. This is probably the one thing that was most consistent throughout our marriage and dating. Whether he was still going to go back in the drivers seat or not- he insisted. Whilst he came around, I ma not sure what I did. Some times I would sit and “wait on him”, and other times I would think, gosh, how awesome it is to be served. I also thought it would be unsustainable. He proved me wrong…

    • Oh Hlengiwe – such a bittersweet message. It absolutely breaks my heart when marriages end. I am so sorry to hear you are about go through this life-changing experience. His love is sure even during this time. Thanks for the info on door opening. I will just sit and look pretty next time i experience it :).

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