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Yo! I used to read A LOT June 3, 2015

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Source: bookwormsclub

Source: bookwormsclub

One thing about moving and having to deal with boxes is that it reminds you just how much junk you manage to hoard over the years but on the flip side, one also finds things long forgotten. Treasures if you may. This evening scrambling through one of the many boxes, I found this book where I used to list books I had finished reading in 2004. This was not even the whole list because I read ‘Postmortem’ by Patricia Cornwell in July after I had just moved to moved Cape Town and Chantal van Steijn introduced me to this awesome Writer. This means by mid 2004, I had already read 24 books.

List of books read by mid 2004

List of books read by mid 2004

Currently I am on about a book a month or a book in 2 months which I must improve on but with school and a demanding job, it is tricky. The trend will steadily improve though because some of you have asked that I do more book reviews.

FYI – I am currently reading ‘I write what I like’ by the legend, Steve Bantu Biko, courtesy of Dr Simon Tati Mangcwatywa. Don’t worry mate, I’ll look after your prized possession well. Biko? You may ask. Aren’t you too late in the century for that? You should have read that ages ago! I know…Bear with me here! My own 2015 ala ‘post-democracy’ review of the book will follow



6 Responses to “Yo! I used to read A LOT”

  1. 333smp Says:

    Love love love to read!

    • Awesome. What kind of books do you like to read? Who are your favourite authors?

      • 333smp Says:

        I will read about anything. I love the classics best. Dickens. Shakespeare. Emily/Charlotte Bronte. Jane Austen. Louisa May Alcott. Homer. Dostoyevsky. Evelyn Waugh. Tolstoy. But I also like more modern lit too. Like John Grishm. My all time favorite books are: “Gone With The Wind”, “A Tale of Two Cities”, “The Great Gatsby”, and “Wuthering Heights”. Sigh…. So many books, so little time.

  2. ouma Says:

    mhhhhh don’t start on that Tumi. I have found hidden treasures in some boxes too…”Things I have been silent about, Women who run with wolves, Unbearable lightness of being”….all these wonders I have read in part and don’t have time to finish.
    I think I must just retire and live on a farm somewhere I can get/ create time to read. Away from this demanding city

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