LIRA – Making HERstory – A decade of achievement (Part 2)



Ok this is long overdue. This is a continuation of the review I did on Lira’s book a few weeks ago. To read Part 1 of the review, go here.

So I had hoped that Lira would share her secrets on caring for her Afro right? Well, it happened that the very next page I read after writing the first review dealt with that exactly. Pretty basic actually. Wash and moisturizer full stop simple and practical.

The middle of the book is decorated with 16 pages of Lira’s photographs through various stages of her life and I must admit I went there first before reading the book 😜.

The rest of the book is written by two people, Clyde Meela – the journalist who co-wrote the book with her and her husband, Robin Kohl. Meela writes about the interviews he had with Lira’s family and her friends while Robin goes deeper into what happens behind the scenes of the Lira brand. Meela appeals to the softer side of Lira, what her upbringing was like and all the people that have contributed to whom Lerato and not so much Lira is. Robin on the other hand speaks of relationships with co-musicians, sponsors and other business partners and what it takes to be at the helm of this super brand.

Overall, I loved this book but more especially the first part where it is written from her point of view. The last 2 parts of the book are also quite interesting as they give other perspectives to Lira but I wasn’t too excited by them. You see I like hearing things from the horse’s mouth.

As mentioned before, if there is anything I have taken from this book, it is the spirit of tenacity, excellence and working hard to achieve ones’ goals. I am proud of what this African child has managed to build! Keep shining!

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