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Oh no! I’ve really chopped it off!!!

I have been transitioning to natural hair for the past 6 months and though I had planned to transition for a year before the chop, I wasn’t happy with the way my hair was shedding and decided to chop the chemically treated part only 6 months into my plans. Due to the terrible shedding, I have had to chop off way more than I was supposed to but I am happy with the final result.

Perhaps some background. In November 2013 I decided to go all naturale but few weeks into it, I caved in due to insufficient information I had at the time of taking care of my hair. It was dry and I was clueless about what to do. So I caved in and instead of relaxing my hair, I decided to do a ‘blow out.’ I know this word brings a hairdryer to people’s minds but in South Africa, besides using a hair dryer, a blow out also means a process of chemically treating hair to make it ‘soft.’ It involves using exactly the same relaxer product but the chemical is only allowed on your hair a much shorter time than when relaxing the hair. The whole point to a blow is to just make the hair ‘softer’ without making it bone straight like a typical relaxer is used for. But the principles are basically the same. In 6-8 weeks the hair would need a retouch.

So I have decided again to go natural because my hair seems to grow stronger and richer without the chemicals. I am excited that I have decided to chop in the beginning of the year so I cannot wait to see how the hair looks like by the end of the year. So in 2015 though length retention would be great, my number one goal for 2015 is growing strong and healthy hair. With the recent shedding that I have been experiencing, I look forward to a time where I don’t see my so much hair literally falling into the bathtub with each gush of water  through the hair during shampooing.

In the past year I have been learning how to care for black natural hair and I will be sharing some of these with you as I go. Please do share your tips with me too 😜.



Can you see all my greys? Oh my!!! Riches and wisdom baby! 😜



This break will also give me some time to treat my hairline freely with my T444Z hairfood. The best product by far for the treatment of loss of hairline, thinning and many scalp / hair issues.

5 thoughts on “Oh no! I’ve really chopped it off!!!”

  1. Blow out? In North America we call it a texturizer. I hate how you describe it as making your hair “softer”, as it really just loosens the curls. As you navigate this natural hair journey, you’ll learn the many ways to naturally soften the feel of your hair. 🙂 Enjoy the journey and congrats on the big chop! P. S. Your hair will still shed….just hopefully not as much! Check out my page for some general natural hair tips.

    1. Hi Mia, thanks for your comments and I will check your page. As a natural newbie, my ‘natural vocab’ is still limited but I’m looking forward to learning all about how my hair works and how to help it thrive.

  2. Hey Tumi

    I was wondering what happened to your natural journey the other day. Im def going to follow you through your natyral journey so please do update me right through. 😙

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