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Product review (Sofn’Free – Hair Mayonnaise)

Everyone who has natural hair or who is transitioning to natural knows the difficulty of finding products that work for your individual hair. The first challenge is knowing where to start and then the second becomes finding the right products while maintenance is quite another topic for another day. In my own quest for the right products, I have tried a couple that were good and some that were misses.

When my hair is not in plaits or any type of protective styling, I wash it every 2 weeks and deep condition. My product of choice for deep conditioning is the Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise. I used this product even when I still kept relaxed hair and I love it. This weekend though I visited my parents and had run out of my usual product so the local store didn’t have it and rather had a product I had never seen or heard of. This is the Sofn’ Free Hair Mayonnaise. Since it was 3 times cheaper than my usual one, I decided to give it a try.


The first thing I noticed about this hair mayo was that it was quite thick and that while I was applying it to the hair, it seemed to get absorbed into the hair instead of just sitting on the hair. I ended up using a lot of it because I wanted to adequately cover all the hair. 45 minutes later I washed it off and my hair felt amazingly soft; not dry and steel-wooly. I absolutely loved this product and will most definitely use it again. But my mom took mine so it means I must got buy another one. Huh! I most definitely recommend this product to everyone.

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