At Risk (Patricia Cornwell)


2006, Sphere,
ISBN: 978-0-7515-3871-7, Pages: 229

It has been a very long time since I’ve read a book in one day and this book was such a beautiful reminder of what I love in books; simply written, beautiful plot, suspense and just a don’t-put-down attraction to it. This book drew me in from the get go. But then again I love Patricia Cornwell’s books. I have read a couple of her books and this one didn’t keep the secret away for too long like in her usual work. I will preview some of her other books for you in the future. I could kind of figure some things out early on but not in a way to give the story away just yet or in a way that spoils it.

In At Risk, Cornwell tackles the behind the scenes of how dirty politics can get and just how much other sectors can be involved in the politics of politics, in this case the forensic world. An investigator, Winston Garano is called out of an Elite course by the ice queen, District Attorney, Monique Lamont who is running for Governor to see about a 2 decades old case that will help her gain popularity in her quest for the Governor seat. Of course some people are not happy about that plan and without her knowing, people she trusts are the ones who will plot her downfall.

Old secrets come out, emotional twists are inevitable, basic old-fashioned detective work is at play and people’s true identity is revealed in this story. Both Garano and Lamont make you fall in live with detective work so much that you can’t wait to read what happens next. I recommend this book to anyone who loves Cornwell’s books and those who are new to crime fiction. This would be a great and simple book to start off with. Happy reading!

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