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Tight braiding is NOT = long-lasting hairstyle

I saw a friend of mine with beautiful cornrows and though my hairline was still recovering, I decided to also do them. A lot of girls do cornrows and always look beautiful so I decided to also give it a try. I went to the same lady who did my friend’s hair and asked for a straight up. For those who don’t know, straight up is a hairstyle where cornrows are plaited upwards.

The lady was quite heavy-handed on my head but assured me she was attempting to get even the least parts. I sat through the pain and consoled myself of the long-lasting benefits because I thought that the tighter it is, the longer it will last. Well, here are the unfortunate results of braids that are too tight!



Needless to say, I will no longer go back to that lady again. From then on, I decided to keep to one person to do my hair softly and actually tries to care for my hairline. Fortunately I have T444Z to help fix my hair again but I had made such good progress and now I’m basically starting afresh.

Last year I had a similar situation and though the plaiting was painful, I didn’t say much  I figure that was part of the process  needless to say, results proved otherwise.




Ladies, be jealous with your hair and who works on it. Since I found Barbara who takes great care of my hair, I have not looked back. For the first time I’m actually able to sleep on the day of having my hair done without a splitting headache! Here are a few tips;


1) If he/she’s holding too tight, chances are there’s going to be some damage. Don’t believe the lie that when hair is too tight it will last longer.

2) After plaiting, apply a scalp treatment everyday for moisture.

3) If you start developing white-like bubbles at the base of your scalp, it is too tight and you should rather undo it and change your style.

4) Give your hair a couple of days break after removing your braids before re-brading.

I am looking forward to your own experiences and comments on my blog. #HappyHairDiaries

3 thoughts on “Tight braiding is NOT = long-lasting hairstyle”

  1. Hi, i just recently startes the natural hair journey as well and on the right side of my scalp i have an unattractive loss of hair similar to what u had/have. Did T444z help with that? I”m presently using a mixture of coconut oil, olive oil and water in a spray. I heard of placenta so im trying that as well. I’

    1. Hi Paula. All the best with the natural hair journey. It is not always easy but it is worth it, well for me it is. The T444Z has helped me tremebdously. Thats why I’ve recommended it to so many people and thats why i also sell it with auch pride. If you want to give it a try, I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed.

    2. Hi Paula. Welcome to the natural hair journey. Please do share what you learn as you go along. Mine was traction alopecia caused by too much pulling of the hair when plaiting. I used T444Z and my hair has recovered at the back. The hairline has greatly improved. If I can just stop doing hairstyles that work against my progress then I would see much better results. All the best.

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