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No more steel wool natural hair

If your hair is anything like mine and you are trying to make sense of being recently keeping black natural hair, you might be battling with the occasional “steel wool” hair syndrome. If you have ever tried keeping your ethnic hair natural, you definitely know the challenge that comes with keeping your hair moist and soft. More than anything, this is one of the major factors why my natural conversions always got me running back to relaxing. I couldn’t deal with the dry, steel wool feel that my hair had whenever it was natural especially after a wash. Sure, a couple of days of moisturizing gets it to its sort-of-soft moist self, but 4 days was just too much for me to deal with dry hair so I found my solace in an old remedy called……wait for it…. Coconut oil.

Seriously I know a lot has been written about this wonder product but beyond cooking with it, I found a way of using it to make my hair a bit softer with it. I bought mine from Dischem but one can find it at any pharmacy or shops that sell hair products or essential oils.


This is what I do;

1) A night before a wash, I apply coconut oil liberally throughout my scalp and massage through. I them wrap my hair with a silk scarf and go to bed. By the way I do this even when I have plaits in my hair. So the day before taking them out, I apply the coconut oil on the scalp and sleep with it.

2) The next day I shampoo my hair as usual and deep condition it. Since I use no heat on my hair, I use a t-shirt to dry excess water from the hair. I choose not to use a towel because it leaves fluff on my hair and tends to tangle the hair.

3) While the hair is still damp, I apply moisturizer and then to seal the moisture in, I apply a generous amount of coconut oil.

4) I then immediately twist my hair in a couple of twists until dry. That can take a couple of hours or overnight. I then undo the twists, apply coconut oil once more, and do the twists again. I always keep my hair in twists each night when I go to bed because it is easier to comb in the morning.


And that’s it! That’s how incorporating coconut oil has helped me deal with moisture loss. I hope this works for you too. Please try it next time you wash your hair and let me know how it works out for you. Till next time, #HappyNaturalHairDays

4 thoughts on “No more steel wool natural hair”

  1. I swear by Coconut oil; for my skin, my hair and my cholesterol control.

    I will most certainly try this treatment you mentioned and see if it works for me too. I can say for a fact that i plait my hair to avoid combing it everyday…The bushy thick unruly richness of the wooly mane i have. I must be able to enjoy wearing my hair without enduring any pain in combing and maintaining it.
    Well the steel wool days seem numbered….

    1. Oh yeah, they are indeed numbered but since you have relaxed hair, you can skip the twisting your hair part because it will make your hair have a ‘natural feel’. What you can do after washing your hair is applying the coconut oil before hair-drying your manes. Do let me know how it goes. You can also tweak it here and there until you find what works for you.

  2. I also love coconut oil…from cooking to skin care to my hair. I usually mix half of it with castor oil and apply it to my scalp and hair. Then cover my head with those plastic shower caps and a doek on top. I leave this overnight and the heat created by the plastic helps with opening pores and allowing the products into your scalp. This oil treatment is great before a washday.

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