R5 000 000??? What???

My heart is still palpitating uncontrollably thanks to last week’s episode of Dragon’s Den South Africa where one of the Dragons, Lebo Gunguluza parted with R5 000 000. Perhaps I should write it in full just in case I’ve missed a zero. He parted with five million rands ON HIS OWN!!! When all the dragons bowed out, I was almost convinced that he would too. But nooooo. He dived right in. Hopefully now you can understand why I am still in shock. In order to understand the meat behind the man, I quickly googled him and read on his website, how he became a self-made millionaire by the age of 27 and how he lost it all by making mistakes so many entrepreneurs make of living the lavish lifestyle irresponsibly. Naturally, I became exceedingly interested in how he managed to pull himself back up to become yet another multi-millionaire. He is very honest and real about his mistakes and what he learnt from them. I like that in people’s stories because it offers hope and real life lessons that one can often relate to. Do yourself a great service and visit his website for some dose of inspiration.

This is exactly what I mean when I say playing towards your strengths allows you sooooo much freedom, fulfillment and an opportunity to make a difference. Wow! @gunguluza99 Lebo! Salute my brother! I look forward to interviewing you on a segment of my blog called “Born for this” so that the greater world can learn what it takes to live a life you believe you were truly born for.

Just a week prior, another Dragon, @PholoLeteka parted with R2 000 000 on her own. Now for this woman, I need to write another blog just dedicated to her. She is inspiration on steroids! I love South Africa. Alive with possibilities.

For those who may still not know what I am talking about, please watch Dragon’s Den every Tuesday at 19:00 on DSTV Mzansi Magic, Channel 161.


2 thoughts on “R5 000 000??? What???”

  1. The action that this Mr G took that evening was def mind-blowing. I didn’t know the Queen dragon invested 2mil- that too is impressive. To say I’m inspired would be an under-statement, yho #Salute.

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