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T444Z hair food


So I am a very big skeptic when it comes to “miracle” hair products simply because I have used so many with little or no results at all. When my friend Lebo Mangcwatywa introduced me to this product, I gave another “whatever!” I have battled with a receded hairline for many many years. In fact I do not remember the last time I had a full hairline. Many years of tight styling in the name of the-tighter-it-is-the-longer-it-will-last resulted in this sad reality.

I did a Google search of the hair food and the website was not very….uhm…easy on the eye. I am hoping I can still be able to convince them to use their primary colours differently so that the website looks more inviting and not so glaringly bright and harsh on the eye. The website explains how the product works and has pictures of a lot of ladies who are using or have used the product with amazing results.

So a few weeks after hearing of the hair food and convincing myself to give it a try, I decided to order my first tub. I almost fell off my chair when I was told the tub cost R320. What? I mean this little tub costs that much? “It had better work” I said to Ntombi, the lady who sold it to me. I started using the hair food very begrudgingly but I had just paid over R300 for it so I was very eager to see the results.

After having used the product for about 2 months, I could say a whole lot, but then again as they say, a picture says a thousand words!


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