I was born for this


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A bird doesn’t struggle to fly. A fish doesn’t battle to swim. Why is that? Because they are doing what they were born to do. Have you ever met people who seem to be in their element? Whether it be acting, singing, baking, communicating, sports, economics, medicine and many other careers, these people seem to be in their niche. They are not only loving what they are doing but they also excel in it. I am continually in a beat to improve myself and often ask myself whether I am just going with the masses, chasing the norm or if I will defy all logic and actually follow my dreams whatever the cost. Over the years I have come to realize that there is power in leaning toward one’s strengths instead of just being enveloped in a haze of power suits and career ladder climbing that bring no fulfillment. Because we are money-conscious, understandably so, many dreams go unfulfilled because we tend to put money top of mind. Some people think following your dreams always involves resigning from your job and becoming your own boss. This may be true but not for everyone. Each one of us has a different role to play in society and I believe that when we begin to seriously explore our giftings, talents and dreams, be willing to put in the work it takes, we will begin to enjoy life, and contribute to the betterment of humanity. The anatomy or a body is always a good adage to this. An eye will never be judged on its ability to walk so when we go out and attempt to function in an area that may not be our best, we could already be at a disadvantage. At times a person may feel they were born for a particular moment in time, say for example being a president. The person may not necessarily be in a particular lifetime career, but for a period in their lives, they believe the moment was cast in stone long before they were born. Enough about the theories now. Why don’t we put these to the test?

I plan to discuss these with people I meet whom I believe or who seem to be in their life’s purpose so that we can learn from them and hear wether passion is really overrated. Check in often for the interviews I will be conducting and uploading onto my blog, as we start exploring the lives of people who believe they were born for what they are currently doing.

1 thought on “I was born for this”

  1. Lovely piece. True that some people conform and never get to do what they were born to do. Some don’t even know what is it that they love

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