From debt to riches (Phumelele Ndumo)


2011,  Jacana Media,
ISBN: 978-1-4314-0262-5

10 000 copies sold by August 2014

 The subject of money is a daunting one but Phumelele Ndumo deals with complex monetary concepts in such a simple manner for all to grasp. From savings, property, investments,  credit, buying shares and practical tips on how to get out of debt, this is the go-to book for all that and more. The book also uses examples of everyday people who have common money-related problems and Ndumo shares advise on how to go around those. Why is it that so many of us think a life without credit is unattainable? This book will show you just how attainable that is. I highly recommend the book even for people who are not in debt but those looking for ways to add to their body of knowledge where money is concerned.

Buy your copy here…

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